HealthAll You Need To Know About Alcohol Sensors

All You Need To Know About Alcohol Sensors


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Ethanol, commonly known as alcohol, is an element usually found in liquor, wine, or beer. We all know what this element is and what it does to someone when taken in a higher quantity. The alcohol detection system has long been in place, but have you ever walked through it? Most of you would not have! We are here to uncover the alcohol sensors and the entire detection system and their benefits and applications. Most of these advantages can be linked with vehicle drivers and industrial workers. Keep scrolling to know more!

What is an Alcohol Sensor?

An Alcohol sensor is a tiny semiconductor device that detects the presence of alcohol gas in the air. These sensors vary in shapes and types, each one designed for a specific purpose. Various industries and vehicle drivers need this device to ensure their and others’ safety.

Drivers should test their Alcohol level in the blood before they drive the vehicle. Moreover, drunk workers should not be allowed to work since they are unconscious. Professionals use alcohol sensors as:

  • Breathe analyzer
  • Background sensing device
  • Portable alcohol detection
  • Environmental monitoring equipment
  • Gas level over-limit alarm

Alcohol Sensors

These uses make the device more useful when it comes to individuals’ and workspace safety. Do you want to ensure your workspace safety using this device? Contact safety equipment suppliers in Dubai today and place your order!

What are the Different Types of Alcohol Sensors?

Alcohol sensors come in various shapes and types, depending on the cause they are built for. We have compiled a list of the most commonly used sensors for various applications.

i) Electrochemical Oxidation/ Fuel Cell:

The electrochemical sensor is a modern device that detects the presence of alcohol in a breath. The breath alcohol testing uses a cell fuel to detect alcohol. The special electronic component used in the device generates an electrical signal by oxidizing a fuel.

The electrochemical cells used in the sensor are composed of two platinum electrodes. They produce a smaller current when alcohol passes through the surface. The current signal is used to measure alcohol concentration. It is a modern sensing device used in various industries.

ii) Infrared (IR) spectrometry:

Another useful device used to detect the number of alcohol components in the air is IR spectrometry. Infrared sensors measure the amount of light consumed by the alcohol components present in an individual’s breath. In IR sensors, a light source centers around a sample chamber. These atoms ingest light at explicit frequencies.

The light goes through a progression of channels lastly strikes an indicator in the sample chamber. At the point when an individual blows into the mouthpiece, the breath passes into the chamber. On the off chance that alcohol components are present, the particles retain the light at specific frequencies. Less light arrives at the locator. The gadget is rarely used since its applications are limited.

iii) Gas chromatography:

The technique is not used today; however, it was one of the best in the past. Gas chromatography is a technique used to separate closely linked components using an absorbent. A carrier gas like Hydrogen and Helium moves the components through the device.

Gas chromatography consists of the following main aspects that you should know about.

  • Injection: It is obtaining the sample to be analyzed. Providing the breath sample is commonly termed as an injection.
  • Isolation: Once the breath sample is taken, particular components are then separated. The carrier gas moves the sample into a column where components are isolated.
  • Detection: Once separated, the compounds move through the column at varying speeds. The alcohol components are identified from the length of time a compound takes to hit the detector.

What are the Advantages of using Alcohol Sensors?

Alcohol sensors come with various advantages for industries and individual workers. The primary of all is ensuring safety. Following is a list of benefits you should go through.

i) Stability:

Alcohol sensors offer high stability in different conditions. No matter what conditions they are used in, they will always be up to doing the task.

ii) Increased sensitivity:

When it comes to sensitivity and detection pace, Alcohol sensors will never disappoint you. The higher sensitivity of these sensors results in a prompt response.

iii) Easy to use:

You don’t need to have special skills to operate the device. They come with a much simpler interface and easy maintenance steps.

Alcohol sensor has a major role to play in your industrial workers and workspace safety. All you need to do is find a supplier and install the gadgets. Are you looking for a reliable vendor? Get in touch with today!

Make your workplace safer with safety equipment!

Workers are always prone to various toxic gases and health hazards associated with them. A little negligence can cause considerable damage. The best practice is to provide safety equipment to your workers and make the workspace safe and sound.

Kieran Edwards
Kieran Edwards
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