Health4 Benefits Of Using N95 Face Masks

4 Benefits Of Using N95 Face Masks


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With the rise of a pandemic, the one thing that has helped us sail through this situation is a sanitizer and n95 mask. Here we will focus on N95 masks. These are a specialized mask that comes with a respiratory and is an excellent choice if you are looking for complete protection from any kind of allergen and pollutant getting in your respiratory system. Wearing a mask on your face might feel like an alien, but this is a new normal that is going to help you sail through this tough situation. There are several benefits of the n95 face mask, and we are going to discuss the same here.

Why is it important to protect the respiratory system?

The objective of protecting the respiratory system is to ensure that you have a properly functioning system. The rising level of pollution and coronavirus can badly impact the lungs. Hence it becomes important to keep them protected. While you can surely have the best air purifier in the house, but you cannot take them along with you everywhere. Hence, you have the n95 face mask that is going to provide you complete protection, every time you step into an environment that is loaded with pollutants and allergens.

4 Benefits Surgical N95 Face Mask:


1. Provides unparalleled protection:

One of the first advantages of using an n95 mask is that it provides you with complete protection. It is a part of pandemic preparedness. Studies have shown surgical mask has the potential to protect against many substances like H1N1 Flu, SARS, and Avian Fly. It also meets the CDC guidelines for TB exposure control. The n95 mask is powerful enough to provide:

  • More than 99.9% (BFE) Bacterial Filtration Efficiency
  • More than 99.5% (PFE) Particle Filtration Efficiency
  • More than 99.9% (VFE) Viral Filtration Efficiency

This face mask has also been found to protect the transfer of microorganisms, causing airborne infection.

2. Light in weight and easy to use

There is no big deal in using the face mask, but when you have to wear it the entire day, then you need something that can provide your all-round protection, and it is also light in weight. The n95 face mask is available in the following options:

  • Flat Fold: It is light and has a thin, soft inner layer that adds to the comfort.
  • The elastic straps are sonic welded inside the outer layer, which minimizes the pressure.
  • These are 33% lighter than other respiratory masks.
  • This one has a universal size that fits all the face size.

Molded: The second type of n95 facemasks is the molded one; this one has the following features:

  • It is light and comes with a rigid outer shell that prevents the mask from collapsing.
  • The mask easily contours to the natural shape of the face.
  • It also doesn’t put much pressure on the face.

3. Packaged for convenience and hygiene

You can buy a pack of 20 units. The packaging is done safely to ensure that each of the masks is safe to use. Some brands of n95 face mask say that each of the units of the mask is packed individually in the box so you can pull it out and start using as required.

4. Allergy-free, fuss-free

These masks are made meticulously to ensure that the masks are free from allergy, PVC, and silicone-free, thus ensuring that these masks are safe to use.


The n95 face masks with respirators are a great way to combat allergens, pollutants, and other infectious agents.

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