Health10 Helpful Home Remedies to Reduce Snoring Problem

10 Helpful Home Remedies to Reduce Snoring Problem


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While there are numerous anti-snoring solutions available in the market, nothing beats the natural home remedies to combat health issues like snoring. This post will guide you through some of the award-winning snoring treatments that are easy-to-do and effective at the same time. 

While we are all familiar with snoring as an annoying sleeping condition, it can be a serious health issue that can disrupt the quality of sleep for the snorer and their partner too. As per research, 1 out of every 3 men and 1 out of every 4 women snores. Whether it is mild or severe, snoring needs immediate actions with the help of anti-snoring solutions. These can be natural or medical and, in adverse conditions, surgical treatments.

Here are some effective home remedies that you can try during mild snoring issues before switching to anti-snoring products. 


1. Saline nasal spray:

The simple saline nasal spray is one of the easiest home remedies to reduce the inflammation inside the nose to reduce or stop snoring.

2. Peppermint oil remedy:

With strong anti-inflammatory properties of peppermint, this substance reduces the inflammation to the inner lining of the nostrils and reduces the congestion promoting enjoyable sleep.

3. Ayurveda remedy with ghee:

Since ghee has medicinal values, putting a couple of drops in each nostril before bedtime lessens the snoring sound promoting pleasant sound sleep.

4. Olive oil remedy:

Sipping some extra virgin olive oil just before hitting the bed helps to smoothen the nasal airway passage. Thus, it removes the blockage and imparts silent sleep.

5. Eucalyptus Oil Remedy:

One of the award-winning snore treatments is to use eucalyptus oil for a smooth breathing process. This one liquefies the mucus of the nostril and its anti-inflammatory properties reduce the swelling in the inner nostril lining if any, promoting the free flow of air and no snoring sound.

6. Ginger Remedy:

Since we already know ginger for its high-quality properties, including its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects, it is one main home remedy ingredient. Because of its consumption, the extra saliva secretion creates a layer inside the throat which provides a soothing effect during sleep.

7. Essential Oils Blend:

Other than many reasons leading to snoring, not getting enough and deep sleep also leads to snoring and becomes one of the prime concerns. To help get deep sound sleep, a blend of essential oils is the trick that helps to relax the nerves promoting good sleep and reduced snoring sound.

8. Tongue and throat home exercises:

Other than the home remedies, tongue, and throat exercises are very important in helping to minimize the snoring issue. They make the muscles stronger and tighter, eliminating collapsing and congestion.


9. Sleep pattern remedies:

One of the easiest remedies to see the quick result in reduced snoring is to change the sleeping pattern. A wrong posture like sleeping on the back makes the throat muscles go in a resting position, creating interference during breathing and thus vibrating sound. Sleeping on the sideways does the job.

10.  Lifestyle change remedies:

While the above remedies might be helpful, some lifestyle changes can also help towards reducing snoring. Losing weight, avoiding consumption of alcohol, and not smoking a few hours before bedtime and keeping the body well-hydrated, are some effective measures to take.

Brayden Ray
Brayden Ray
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