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See What Happened When A Top Chef Winner Tried Shan Foods Cooking Sauces


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Is there such a thing as too much barbecue? For at least eight months of the year, the answer is a resounding ‘no.’ The sizzling sounds as flames lick away at the meat, the flare ups as flames rise to hungrily consume drips of grease and the tantalizing smells wafting through nearby backyards. It doesn’t get much better than barbecue season.

But it can be easy to get stuck in a grilling rut, buying the same cuts of meat, using the same rubs and marinades, sticking with the same sauces.

If you love to grill but are tired of making the same barbecue chicken, steaks and pork chops, you need to take a virtual visit to Backyard Blais. The good news is that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to change up your barbecue game. All you really need are some new sauces and marinades to spice things up.


Chef Richard Blais is no stranger to culinary adventure. As the winner of Top Chef: All-Stars, the celebrity chef has a lot of experience using new and exotic ingredients to develop delicious twists on classic American dishes.

So what does the celebrity chef suggest for your backyard grill? Barbecued wings and chicken thighs…with a twist. (Warning: that twist includes Shan Foods’ mouth-watering BBQ Cooking Sauces, a flamethrower and a sword). Simply marinate your meat, cook and serve. It’s that easy!

Watch the full video on his Instagram:

“These are some of my favourite flavours,” says chef Blais. “(But they are) difficult to master, so I’m letting Shan Foods help me out today. As these spice blends require a lot of experience and nuance, so I’m going to let Shan Foods do most of the heavy lifting…”

First, chef Blais marinates his chicken wings in Shan Foods’ Chicken Tikka Cooking Sauce.

“You can see that brilliant colour in there,” says Blais. “The fragrance of all of these spices and this is going to take our wings to the next level.”

Then he marinates his chicken thighs in Shan Foods’ Tandoori Cooking Sauce — one of his “favourite spice blends of all time”.

“Known for that bright super super fragrant colour,” says chef Blais. “Also known for a bit of spice.”

The next step involves a flamethrower, a sword and a tiny Japanese grill. Chef Blais likes to skewer his chicken thighs on a sword and cook in a charcoal smoker. Did we mention that he also likes to ignite his smoker with a flamethrower? He then cooks his wings over a Japanese binchotan (charcoal) grill.

The results?

The chicken wings ended up beautifully caramelized on the outside and tender on the inside, thanks to the marinade.

And the chicken thighs?

“You can see my chicken tandoori is looking super super red and lucious and smells sweet and spicy,” says chef Blais. “This is like your buffalo chicken wings to like the next level.”

“Chicken tandoori thighs on a sword. That’s going to be super super delicious.”

To make your own “super delicious” barbecue and change up your barbecue game, check out Shan Foods’ assortment of cooking and simmer sauces.


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