FoodAre Gummy Bears Vegan? What makes Gummies Vegan

Are Gummy Bears Vegan? What makes Gummies Vegan


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Are Gummy Bears Vegan?

Gummy bears are, well, gummy. That means they’re likely made of gelatin, which if you’re vegan, means they’re not vegan-friendly. You might think this doesn’t matter since you don’t eat gummy bears, but what about the candy stuck to the outside of your chocolate bar? That’s probably also made with gelatin, so it probably isn’t vegan either.


Gummy Bears Aren’t Vegan?

Most gummy bears contain gelatin, an animal byproduct. It’s pretty easy to avoid gummy bears if you want to follow a vegan diet—just check out our vegan candy guide or your favorite online vegan grocery store. There are plenty of fun and cruelty-free options for you to enjoy.


However, Haribos latest gummies are made without gelatin. Instead, they are made with pectin, a natural sugar found in fruits. It’s no wonder people everywhere love gummies—they’re tasty and fun! But did you know that some gummies aren’t vegan? That’s right: Many store-bought gummies contain gelatin, which is usually derived from animals like pigs or cows. It seems like it would be easy to avoid consuming animal products if we knew all of them off by heart; but animal byproducts sneak into foods we consume every day without us even realizing it. Luckily, vegans can rest assured that Haribo has completely eliminated gelatin from their new line of vegan gummies! These soft chews are free of any animal-derived ingredients—and they’re just as delicious as traditional gummies.

So Are Gummy Bears Vegan or Not?

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding gelatin and whether or not it’s vegan. While vegans shun foods made with animal products, food manufacturers and consumers don’t always know how to determine if a product is truly vegan. But, did you know that gummy bears are generally considered vegan?


That’s right, gummy bears are typically plant-based and contain no animal ingredients. The sugar in gummies can be derived from either beet sugar or cane sugar—and both types of sugars are processed without animal byproducts. Therefore, candies like Haribo fruit-flavored bears are safe for vegetarians to eat because they’re made with only natural ingredients.

You can read more about gummy bears and the elements that make them vegan here.

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  1. The short answer is no, gummy bears are not vegan! The long answer is, no, gummy bears are not vegan, they aren’t even vegetarian! Gummy bears use gelatin which is made from animal bones. It is most often made by boiling animal bones, but skins, tendons and ligaments


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