EntertainmentDerren Brown's Boot Camp for the Brain

Derren Brown’s Boot Camp for the Brain


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Derren Brown gets into your brain…and reveals how to make it work better.

Do you ever make mistakes? Do you ever lose your temper and then immediately regret it? Are you impulsive? Do you make great plans which you fail to act on? Do you ever behave irrationally?

Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. Your brain is to blame. Extraordinary though it is, your brain is riddled with biases, blind spots and other cognitive weaknesses which can lead you seriously astray. But Derren Brown’s Boot Camp will help you tame your errant brain and fundamentally change the way you think.


In eight episodes, packed with gripping real life stories and cutting edge science, the series takes you into the deeper recesses of the mind, to reveal what’s going on, identify the bits which tend to go wrong and show you how to repair them. Along the way it discloses the secrets of some of Derren’s spectacular tricks of the mind.

This is an Audible Original Podcast. Free for members, who can download all 8 episodes to their Library now.

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