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7 Things to Do When You’re Bored


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Sometimes escaping from boredom can become hard. You have plenty of time but nothing to do. It can be not very pleasant too sometimes. But in reality, you have a lot too. The key is to figure those things out.

There are a lot of productive things that you can do that will not only kill your boredom but will benefit you in some way or another.

So here are some of the things that you can do when you’re extremely bored.

Play Games Online

Yes, you heard right. You can consider playing games online when you’re bored. Games are one of the best entertainment things that you can get rid of boredom. There are various categories you might be interested in, like Jewel games, puzzle games, action games, etc.

Reading Books That Match your Interest

Everyone has a different taste in books when it comes to reading. If you like maybe Fantasy or Adventurous stories, you can read books online that are easily and widely available online these days.

This way, you will not only kill your boredom but will help to enhance your reading skills and enhance your vocabulary.


Giving your spare time to yourself is one of the most productive ways of utilizing your spare time. In addition, some soft music, yoga, or exercise can become a treat for your body and relieve your stress and anxiety.

Moreover, you will feel fresh and relax.

Change your Room’s Setting

Many reasons can cause boredom. For example, watching the same setting of the room can make you bore. Therefore, changing your room’s setting will not only kill your boredom but will also help you kill the cause of it.

Swapping places of your bed and dresser will make you busy, and you might end up giving your room a better look.

Watch a Movie

Watching your favorite Netflix movie or series can help you kill your boredom very quickly, as time flies once you binge-watch all the episodes of your favorite series.

Online Chatting

Meeting friends has become very hard; instead, online chatting is the best option to catch up with your friends and kill boredom.

Sites or apps like Kerala Chat Online are some of the best platforms to chat online with your friends. It comes with many chat rooms where you can chit-chat with new people, make new friends, and have a good time with them.


This option is made for you if you are a foodie or a struggling chef. This spare time is your opportunity to experiment with sweets and spices to come up with something delicious.

In addition to that, you can treat tastebuds with new tastes and flavors. No wonder you might end up being the founder of some awesome recipe.

Do Some Quick Art

Some Quick Art, brush drops and painting, and BOOM, you can create a masterpiece to decorate your painting wall.

Bottom Line

You can become bored easily, but it’s quite normal and happens with everybody, especially in pandemics and quarantine.

All you need to do is figure out your interests and what you like to do, and you will automatically get yourself out of this boredom.

Not just this learning a skill, giving some self-care will be a bonus for you.



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