BusinessXRP price forecasts following SEC lawsuit

XRP price forecasts following SEC lawsuit


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XRP could be worth US$2.55 by December 2022 if Ripple wins or settles its lawsuit with the SEC this year, according to’s latest XRP Price Predictions report.

However, if Ripple loses the case, Finder’s panel of fintech and cryptocurrency specialists think XRP will be worth just $0.68 by December 2022.

University of Sussex professor of finance Carol Alexander gave a forecast in line with the panel average and thinks XRP could hit $2.50 if Ripple wins, or $0.50 if they lose.

“​​It is not like any other crypto. If it wins vs SEC it really *will* start to replace SWIFT,” she said.

Meanwhile, Coinflip founder and chairman Daniel Polotsky is far less bullish on the coin and thinks even if Ripple wins the case, XRP will be worth just a little more than its price at the time of writing, with a forecast of $0.90.

“I believe XRP does not offer anything proprietary compared to its peers to justify its relatively large market cap. I think that the project has a lot of inflated interest due to retail investors ignoring its market cap and looking at its per-unit price (less than $1), and erroneously thinking that because it’s “so cheap” it will grow a lot faster than its peers.


“This is simply a great marketing trick, but eventually the lack of fundamentals of the project will be reflected in its price as the industry matures.”

Long term, the panel thinks XRP will be worth on average $3.61 by the end of 2025 and $4.98 by the end of 2030.

However, five of the 14 panelists who gave their long term price outlook on XRP think it will still be worth less than $1 by 2025.

Finder’s global cryptocurrency editor Keegan Francis thinks XRP will be worth $0.50 by the end of 2025 and just $0.10 by the end of 2030.

“I think Ripple will eventually fail as a project. Other projects will simply outcompete it in the marketplace by doing everything XRP/Ripple does better by a significant factor,” he said.

Head of funds at DigitalX Asset Management Matthew Harry thinks XRP will eventually have absolutely no value.

“The XRP token is worthless for anything other than speculation. The underlying technology is terrific but the token itself does not currently have a use, it simply attracts speculators as it is cheap and an easily digestible value prop – none of which is born out in the token.”

Overall 45% of panelists say you should hold onto your XRP, while 32% say it’s time to sell and just 23% think it’s a good time to buy.

You can find the full report here.

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