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What Are the Advantages of Hiring A Company for Reblocking Services?


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Have you recently noticed that doors, windows, and floors of your house are no more leveled? If you notice such signs, this clearly indicates that your house needs reblocking service. Reblocking is a process where old blocks or stumps are removed and replaced with new ones to provide more stability to the foundation. The defective area is raised up by using jacks and then old blocks are replaced with new ones. If reblocking is not done timely, it might cause major architectural damage to the building or house.

The process of reblocking is not a DIY task, so you need to hire a professional company to carry out this whole process. Reblocking requires proper planning and layout before beginning the actual work, and a professional company is well aware of all the tools, equipment, and vehicles that will be required in the process. So, hiring a company that knows the formalities can help out to complete the process in a better and more smooth way.


Let’s see what benefits you can reap off by hiring a professional company for reblocking service.

The different advantages of hiring the experts are as follows:

  • Complete solution: Hiring a company will provide you a complete solution, starting from planning and layout to cleaning the mess post-work. The team of experts will first access your area and then provide a solution accordingly. Once they determine the extent of damage, they will give you an estimate of the total expense and what materials will be required. With proper guidance from the expert’s execution of work will be carried out without any mess in the building.
  • No Hassle: With professional reblocking services, you won’t have to face any hassle. If partial construction is required, then it is possible for you to stay in the house and watch the work progressing. But if the entire floor needs to be reblocked, then they will suggest you to leave the place until the foundation is laid down. In other words, no matter whether it is full or partial construction, the process will be carried out without giving you any hassles.
  • Find out all the defects and work on it: You might not be able to find out the actual defects in the architectural structure of the house. Hiring the experts will help in finding out the actual damages and sort out the construction process. Often the highly damaged parts need immediate attention, while less damaged ones can be treated later. Experts analyze the damage minutely and take decisions accordingly. They even plan for the additional areas for reblocking, if required, and complete the work.

Different ways to know if a house needs reblocking:

Your house might seem to be damage-free, you may not find any defect, but there are few signs that indicate the underlying issues in your house. If no measures are taken on time then it will cause damage to the entire structure of the house. A few of the common signs are as follows:

  • Cracks on the plastering: Plastering on the walls may develop cracks, which is a sign of damage on the walls and in the foundation of the house. Sometimes the use of the wrong plastering material also causes defects in the plasterwork. These cracks begin from the floor and follow up to the wall indicating a sign of damage.
  • Loose floors: If you notice that tiles are getting detached from the base, then it will result in loose floors. Cracks will start to develop at the bottom or base of the floors. In such situations, the reblocking method will help to stabilize the floor,  reduce the cracks and also fix tiles so that flooring remains strong and stable in the future.
  • Additional areas: If you are thinking to expand your house area, then you need to replace the old defected blocks in your existing foundation so that it doesn’t affect the new construction of expanding area. As new and old foundations will be combined together in order to expand your house area, so both the foundations need to be equally strong to hold on to the architectural structure of the entire house.

Thus, we have seen in this article that restumping or reblocking is a vital process to prevent damage to your house structure. The procedure has the topmost utility for old houses that are in need of renovation. Hiring a professional company for the reblocking process is always recommended to achieve quality results and prevent any future structural damage to your building.


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