BusinessThe Top Trends of the Packaging Industry In 2020

The Top Trends of the Packaging Industry In 2020


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The packaging industry has included as one of the giant economic contributors. A report from an authentic source even has predicted that a significant demand for the packaging industry globally will reach about $1.05 trillion at the end of 2024. The trends appear in both consumers and industry have been mentioned to create this massive development rate. So, where this industry is heading? Here are the top trends of the packaging industry in 2020 that all businesses need to check out.

Digital Printing Technique

The year 2020 has known to be the starting new decade where the digital world will make and get its own place to dominate the industry. The Digital printing technique is the modest printing style using computer generation as the main device to form the product packaging and creating the best visualization to deliver the best presentation.


The Digital printing technique offers personalization and various customizing choices than the old printing techniques did. This novel technique enables packaging service providers to make significant progress in the packaging industry. Allowing all colors to be printed in a single material has made this outstanding technique to get a high demand in the industry. In fact, by 2024, the digital printing technique is predicted to reach $28 billion of uses. Well, it is fair to say that this trend influences the packaging industry today and gives no signal of stopping.

Personalized Packaging Boxes

With the help of digital printing, those packaging service providers today could offer to add products’ personalization and customize the packaging boxes. A number of top brands in the market have discovered that personalized packaging boxes deliver a great return on their marketing investments.

Have a look at how many cosmetic brands today have been delivering their cosmetic items in personalized custom cosmetic boxes and end up getting high sales. Well, the fact is, personalization enables a brand to advertise its company’s image in an excellent way that could stand out amongst thousands.

What’s more, the personalized packaging boxes trend is successful enough as it allows consumers to recognize specific brands. On the other side, this trend also becomes favorable for the business players as they come with reasonable rates as many packaging companies offer the brands to get cheap packaging for cosmetic products with premium customizations.

Domination of Private Labels and Store Brands

Private labels and individual store brands are an interesting trend that appears in the packaging industry this year. In 2020, we would find many stores offering their product lines with their own unique brand name. This strategy creates in-house brand awareness and grabbing the local customer loyalty, contrasted with common brands offered by other competitors. This trend will also help the stores to strive in the retail background, where consumers have excess ways to purchase similar products.

Private store brands along with their unique labels have surpassed the local brands in getting popularity amongst consumers. In the context of the cosmetics industry alone, many famous brands have been launching cosmetic items with their own unique store brands and private labels, and print them on the wholesale cheap cosmetic boxes with lovely packaging design.

Many modern consumers prefer buying products from private brands. Thus, as consumers endure to switch their preference to private labels and store brands, this trend has the capability to dominate the retail industry.

Flexible Packaging Boxes

Flexible packaging is included as one of the trends that continues to get huge popularity, and there’s a reasonable reason behind it. Technological progress in flexible packaging materials makes these packaging boxes to be more appropriate for consumer products today.

In fact, a report has noted that the market segment for flexible packaging boxes accounts for 19 percent of the total packaging market in the US alone. Why? Because flexible packaging boxes offer many advantages such as:

• Easier to store
• Offer extended products’ shelf life
• More convenient to be opened and closed
• Come with a more attractive design
• Utilize less material which improves cost economic
• Provide better shipping features
• Work best for e-commerce

Another significant reason why flexible packaging boxes will be a prominent trend is from material advancement. In the present day, most flexible packaging boxes use the materials made of polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate, or polypropylene. These high-tech plastics are known to be used in many cheap cosmetic packaging boxes due to they are highly durable buteasy to dispose of.

Final Words

Every industry has mega trends. The packaging is an all-inclusive industry term for the combination of technology and design into protecting and presenting each product designed for storage, shipping, and sale. For top manufacturers, the way they pack their products symbolizes their brand image. Thus, they view the trend in the packaging industry as an essential part of their business.


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