BusinessThe Importance of Good Packaging at Christmas

The Importance of Good Packaging at Christmas


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Christmas packaging is a fundamental element that should be noticed this holiday season. A significant part of the company’s sales success will depend on it. However, companies must decide which packaging material is best for their products. For example, round rigid boxes can be the best option if they want to give their products the shape of a gift. If a company is looking for a cost-efficient packaging solution, cardboard boxes can help save money significantly.

Christmas is an important date for most businesses and companies, as it is a season of high demand. So, to increase your sales on these dates and need to know how, why should you not bet and innovate with adorable and original packaging? It attracts the attention of your potential customers?

Let’s see what can be some of its many advantages:

  • Get each of your consumers delighted and filled with illusion. It is thanks to custom packaging that transmits the “magic” of the Christmas spirit.
  • Create a special bond with the end customer.
  • Provide added value to your product, standing out and differentiating yourself from the competition.

In short, we must show our customers that we remember them and that our company celebrates Christmas, as these dates are full of emotion for everyone. The Christmas holidays are associated with family and friends gatherings. Therefore, if the customer perceives that “elf” in the products he buys, the chances of sales will be even greater.

Colors and Shapes


Usually, when we think of Christmas decorations, the first colors that come to mind are red, green, gold, or white, among others.

The combination of these colors is ideal if we want to “cause a sensation” in the consumer since they are all associated with the different Christmas elements that we can find (Santa Claus, Christmas tree, ornaments, snow, etc.).

However, many companies use black and gold tones on custom rigid boxes for their premium products. Usually, these products seek to enhance their quality, exclusivity, and/or special processing.

When designing packaging for a brand, the value of color is a fundamental factor. Therefore, its choice is part of the product positioning strategy. However, we can adapt our packaging to a specific time or season on special days or dates, such as Christmas.

Kraft Packaging

This is sustainable packaging with a rustic and elegant style. It has a soft brown color that can come from wood and/or recycled paper.

Simple Prints and Minimalist Embellishments

This type of decoration, clearly influenced by the Nordic style, manages to give our packaging a touch of elegance and discretion, showing, at the same time, its more ecological side.

Creative and Different Packaging

Many companies decide on different and creative packaging at this time of the year. The objective is none other than to attract attention so that we awaken the customer’s interest in our product.

For this reason, it is widespread to see, at Christmas time, how some brands of different products carry out campaigns with collectible packaging that can be used as decoration. Custom rigid boxes can be one of the options you can choose to achieve this target.

Greeting Messages

We all like to be wished the best, happiness, etc. If it is through that product that we buy or are going to receive, it makes us feel even more special. Christmas is, without a doubt, a time when we all tend to be more sensitive.

So, if you have to prepare any packaging, remember to include your exclusive greeting message, as it will be an assured added value.

Some Examples

The typical and straightforward messages of Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, among others, never fail. If you prefer originality and exclusivity, you can also bet on a phrase created by your company that goes with your brand’s philosophy.

Packaging for E-Commerce

In E-Commerce, packaging plays a leading role in the first physical and visual contact between the customer and the product itself. And although it has become a prevalent purchasing method in our society, not all companies know its importance.

For this reason, thanks to your packaging, we want to mention some keys to success through this mode.


To protect any product, it is necessary to have both inner and outer packaging that adapts to the content to provide a correct fastening. For the customer, there is nothing more unsatisfactory than receiving a damaged product, so investing in its protection will save us from future problems such as claims or loss of time.

Brand Image

Good packaging will always consolidate both your brand and your values. Therefore, we must remember our logo or slogan to print on custom rigid boxes, as they will help the customer immediately identify them with our brand. Some examples depending on your products, are:

The Personal Barber

Premium or Gourmet products

This type of product usually presents perfectly made packaging, which transmits to the consumer the quality and distinction of the product.

Ecological and/or Sustainable Products

In this case, recycled and environmentally friendly materials are used. The inner packaging must also be recyclable, with no plastics. In addition, everything that is unnecessary is eliminated to save costs and avoid waste.

Omnichannel Design

When we talk about “omnichannel design,” we refer to the different communication models that a company can use to interact with its customers through a physical store or a website, among others.

Today, this new marketing strategy is essential to transmit the coherence of our brand in a scenario where online and offline sales modalities merge.

To do this, we must consider that both the packaging in a physical store and e-commerce packaging go in the same line without forgetting any detail in its design and elaboration.

In conclusion, if we want to create a special bond between the customer and our brand at Christmas, there is nothing better than making personalized packaging like custom rigid boxes that generate proximity, sensations, and emotions.

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