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Meet The Brazilian Startups Selected For The World’s Largest Healthtech Fair


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After an intense and competitive selection process, five Brazilian startups of the health sector will participate in the 2022 edition of the Medica Trade Fair, from November 14th to 17th in Düsseldorf. The healthtech companies are part of an initiative organized by the Brazilian embassies in Berlin and The Hague, the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil) and the Brazilian Association of Startups (ABStartups).

After the trade show, the startups will interact with stakeholders of the North Rhine-Westphalia healthtech sector and dive into the ecosystem of the Netherlands with the support of local facilitators. The selection took into account criteria such as technological maturity, innovation level, the experience of the management team and potential for internationalization.

The five startups will showcase their solutions and products at the Medica Startup Park, located in Hall 12 of Messe Düsseldorf. A further opportunity to learn about their solution will be the Medica Connected Healthtech Forum, which will take place in the same venue.

According to the ABStartups Healthtech Mapping report of 2022: “With a promising scenario even before the pandemic, Brazil was already the largest health market in Latin America and the seventh largest market in the world in 2019 – according to the Global Startup Ecosystem Report, conducted by Startup Genome.

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Due to the context established after this period, healthtechs gained momentum globally as market giants started to turn their eyes to the sector, and the healthtech boom reached Brazil. Almost half (45%) of the healthtechs have up to 3 years of operation, and the highest rate of founding of healthtechs occurred during the pandemic.

According to mapping, most of the healthtechs are in the traction phase, demonstrating that there is a high level of maturity of the solutions and that the transformation of the sector is already a reality.

As for the solutions on the rise, Management is the category with the highest number of startups in the traction phase (45%), and it is the main one in the scale-up phase (27%).

This category has been presenting itself as a reference for major decisions and market trends. In the validation phase, besides management (16%), medical devices (20%) and telemedicine (18%) are the main highlights among the healthcare solutions that will impact the sector in the next years. Marketplace is also highlighted and is already a new alternative to access health care for thousands of Brazilians.”

“The initiative to bring the 5 Brazilian startups to Medica is part of the Innovation Diplomacy Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil. The purpose is to promote Brazilian technological innovations abroad and Medica is one of the most valuable stages for that, given its international outreach”, Secretary Pedro Ivo Ferraz da Silva, head of Science, Technology & Innovation of the Brazilian Embassy in Berlin.

About the selected startups:


Analytix focuses on democratizing access to information with big data and analytics. We create a high-end data engineering solution with low cost to explore and analyze. Using the history of more than 96 million unique patients in the public healthcare system, we were able to select patients for several diseases and, using the specialized medical knowledge of the pharmaceutical companies, through machine learning models, we created algorithms capable of identifying other patients without the correct diagnosis in other countries. Our algorithms help to identify patients lost on their journey and without the correct diagnosis to start an earlier treatment.


Founded in 2017 by Felipe Neves and Hebert Costa, Fix it brings innovation in the 3D printing sector, with a product and service for joint immobilization with splints made with biodegradable polymer with sugarcane, beet and corn bagasse, to replace plaster. The startup also works in surgical planning, surgical guides and medical devices and has partners, such as: Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein and Unimed do VTRP, having more than 300 service points in Brazil and LATAM. Fix It has already been accelerated by Ace, Endeavor and Google.


Mindify makes hospitals and primary care services reduce their clinical bureaucracy by up to 80% while standardizing and reducing healthcare fragmentation. It delivers easy-to-use forms to collect structured clinical data and provide clinical decision support to physicians and patients. Clinical managers also get dashboards to ease patient navigation and check treatments’ adherence to the guidelines. The unfair advantage is a proprietary low-code form generator that boosts operational and tactical clinical guidelines automation. Mindify’s forms work stand-alone or integrated into any legacy EHR, APP, or website.


A telediagnosis platform that allows physicians to capture and display high-quality exams directly from medical devices in order to provide fast online diagnostics through ML algorithms. The AI predicts pathologies, determines a risk score, and organizes the physician’s queue, while exams are in triage, so emergencies get treated first. 32+ million patients have been impacted by our platform, which is now expanding to Europe.


SleepUp is an awarded SaMD from Brazil. We offer personalized digital therapies to treat insomnia and sleep complaints. Our solution uses digital Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia – CBT in addition to relaxation and meditation resources and specialist care through video telemedicine and chat. It works on the entire journey of the patient who suffers from sleep disorders, and also has web dashboards for the follow-up of a doctor or psychologist, and can be integrated with CPAPs for apnea monitoring.

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