BusinessSharing insights from the World Economic Forum

Sharing insights from the World Economic Forum


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TBD Media Group will be hosting an international event in alignment with the 2023 World Economic Forum in Davos. In a series of short documentaries, participating companies will get the chance to highlight their visions and plans for the future.

Established in 1971, the World Economic Forum (WEF) strives to be a meeting place for governments, business leaders and civil society. The goal is to come together and exchange ideas and views on the current state of the world, and to set goals for the years ahead.

This year’s edition is placed under the motto “Cooperation in a Fragmented World”, emphasising the importance of partnerships and collaborations in light of the multiple crises the world is facing today.

The belief that the challenges of our time can only be solved with a cooperative approach, is also part of the ethos of TBD Media Group (TBD). TBD is known for showcasing the leaders and forerunners in sustainable business practices and innovative, technological developments. The media company hosts events on a regular basis to bring global leaders together and enable sharing opportunities.

Davos 2023 campaign

After four successful editions, TBD will be at Davos again this year. In a series of case studies, economic players get a platform to communicate their core values and ideas to a broader audience. With an event as important as the WEF, that brings together so many parties, opening up the discussion is crucial.

To facilitate a constructive dialogue, International News Presenters Andrew Wilson and Rosanna Lockwood will conduct the interviews with the participants. Both bring years of experience in the media industry to the table and will allow the interviewees to offer a candid insight into their opinions and ideas.

With this goal in mind, TBD is determined to create another significant campaign, driving the public discourse about sustainable and socially responsible business practices.

Clients to be featured will include:

H&M Foundation, Secureworks, Pareto Securities, Saxby’s, Crisp, Voyager Space, ClicData, Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), Proterra, Corbion, Flow Traders, Trivium Packaging, JGC Holdings Corporation, Gaia-X Association, Matrix Holograms, Rezilyens LLC/Pinochle LLC, Ecolog International, Anaplan, Switch Health Solutions, Brex, EMD MILLIPORE, Jumptuit, EcoWatt Energy, Air Liquide, Hydrogen Pro, TDK Ventures, Kroll, Fasanara Capital, Intercontinental Energy/Ice Green, Fritz Winter, Globacap, Lukka, Magnit LLC, Focus Equities, NCC Group, Novastone Capital Advisors, Airwallex, Hoegh LNG, Trellix, MLP Finanzberatung, CGAP – World Bank, Phenology AG, U-Earth Biotec.

For more information about the Davos 2023 campaign, click here.

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