BusinessPlay-to-earn gaming adoption to nearly double in the US

Play-to-earn gaming adoption to nearly double in the US


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Play-to-earn (P2E) gaming adoption is set to nearly double in the US this year, according to Finder’s NFT Gaming Adoption Report. polled 43,312 people across 26 countries to reveal 9.4% of American internet users have used a play-to-earn game.

However an additional 7.1% say they plan to try a platform this year, meaning adoption could soon reach 16.5%.

The US ranks 18th for P2E gaming adoption, ahead of Canada and the UK (8% each), but behind countries like Colombia (13%), Brazil (18%), and Hong Kong (29%) and below the global average of 14%.

Men are the biggest adopters of NFT gaming. 13% of American men say they’ve played a P2E game and this is set to grow to 22% by the end of the year. Meanwhile just 6% of women say the same and this figure will grow to just 11% this year.’s cryptocurrency editor Keegan Francis says game developers are increasingly using NFTs and cryptocurrency to build more enticing monetary incentives into their games.

NFT gaming adoption by country

  1. India - 33.79%
  2. Hong Kong - 28.75%
  3. The UAE - 27.27%
  4. The Philippines -25.01%
  5. Vietnam - 22.96%
  6. Singapore - 22.68%
  7. Malaysia - 19.43%
  8. Brazil - 17.55%
  9. Nigeria - 16.05%
  10. Venezuela - 14.11%
  11. Peru - 13.15%
  12. Colombia - 12.68%
  13. Argentina - 12.06%
  14. Chile - 11.36%
  15. Ireland - 11.31%
  16. Mexico - 11.11%
  17. South Africa - 10.20%
  18. The US - 9.37%
  19. Canada - 8.38%
  20. Switzerland - 8.37%
  21. New Zealand - 8.19%
  22. Spain - 8.05%
  23. The UK - 7.55%
  24. Germany - 7.40%
  25. France - 5.75%
  26. Sweden - 4.33%

“P2E games have their own digital asset-powered economies, allowing gamers to earn rewards.

“Gamers can potentially earn two types of cryptocurrency - native cryptocurrency in the form of tokens, or existing cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

“These games have already taken off in countries like India and the Philippines where people are reportedly quitting their jobs to earn money on P2E platforms.

“Adoption will likely grow in the US as more developers build crypto mechanics into their ecosystems.”

Francis noted that adoption tends to be higher in countries with a lower cost of living.

“Before Americans quit their day-job to play games, it’s worth considering adoption is particularly high in countries where living expenses are much lower.

“It’s also worth noting that the mechanics in each game are different - some are free to play while others like Axie Infinity require an initial investment.

“It might not be a feasible option for people living in the US to earn a living-wage playing P2E NFT games, but it does allow them to earn an income for what would otherwise be a hobby.”

You can find the full report here.

*Finder surveyed 43,312 Internet users via Google surveys in March 2022, with 2,501 respondents being in the United States. You can read the full methodology here

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