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Your Guide to Child Support Services in the Midwest


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Child Support Services mission is to promote healthy families by establishing, monitoring, and enforcing reliable support from all stakeholders while encouraging self-sufficiency and strengthening relationships between the members of the family. These help in mediating and collecting support for children in broken families with up to thousands of dollars per year.

If you are going through a divorce or parentage case with children involved, you may have to pay Child Support Services. In general, the noncustodial parent pays child support, and child support is intended to support the best interests of the child, not a punishment or a payment to the other parent. The Child Support Services in the Midwest rules are interchanging and complex and you should always seek a legal office to help you throughout the procedure.

Do you need a Lawyer for Child Support Services in the Midwest

You may need a lawyer to help represent your interests and ensure that you receive a fair amount of support – or conversely, do not have to pay an unfair amount. A lawyer can help make sure that, while your child is supported, a judge does not hand down an order that would be impossible for you to pay, or that is less than what is required if you are the recipient.

You must know that you are not required to have a lawyer in the Midwest but the laws are complex. So in Oklahoma, either filing the case in court or using Oklahoma Department of Human Services Child Support Services. If you do use Oklahoma Department of Human Services Child Support Services, you must remember that they do not represent you, they represent the State of Oklahoma.

Child Support Services in the Midwest

How does child support work in oklahoma and the Midwest?

Many lawyers have the experience needed to help you deal with a child support order and with potential changes which might affect the amount you are asked to pay. The law offices can help you if you have a change of status as when you or your Ex husband/wife remarries.

Administrative court hearings are all held virtually. The Child Support Services District Office will mail the paperwork and/or an email about how to participate by audio or video conference in any scheduled administrative court hearings.

Applying for Child Support Services by Yourself

You can write up court papers yourself and file them with the court clerk, asking that the judge set a hearing to decide if a modification of child support will be ordered. You should always talk to a lawyer and have your paperwork reviewed before you do this. You must understand the law that will be applied to your case and be able to give the judge reasons and present evidence that supports your request to change the child support order.

Can I attend a Court Hearing on Your own?

It is inadvisable to go on your own totally. You must always seek representation by a qualified legal office for Child Support Services in the Midwest. You can attend a Conference or Hearing For district court hearings if you are:

  • Represented by an attorney, ask your attorney if you need to appear at the courthouse;
  • Representing yourself and you filed the court action, you need to appear in person at the courthouse;
  • Representing yourself and the custodial parent or Child Support Services filed the court action, you need to appear in person at the courthouse unless you hear otherwise from the party who filed the action.

How Divorce Lawyers Help You Through The Divorce Process?

How to Make a Payment for Child Support Services

  • Mail Payments: Personal or business checks, money orders, and cashier’s checks can be mailed to: Oklahoma Centralized Support Registry. Make checks payable to “Oklahoma Department of Human Services”.
  • SMART e-Pay or MoneyGram
  • US Payments Kiosks
  • US Payments Pay-by-Phone
  • BancFirst Walk-In and Electronic Wires

What If the Parent defaults to pay for Child Support Services?

Child Support failure to pay court ordered child support in Oklahoma as an example of the Midwest can be a criminal offense. A judge could find you in contempt of court for failing to abide by a court order and may sentence you to jail. In a this situation, you need quick legal help to learn more about your options, or better, about how to avoid letting your child support problems escalate.


Once you settle down and start planning your child custody and divorce, it is important to hire a legal office experienced in Child Support Services to ensure the best course of action is taken.

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