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What Is A Typical Slip And Fall Settlement Amount In California?


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Many factors go into determining the value of a slip and fall settlement within the state of California. However huge or small it may be, one thing can make all the difference in settling:taking legal action against involved parties. Take an example of two people in California who were injured at the same restaurant and are eligible for compensation. The first suffered from a broken hip while his friend had a severe brain injury, so they both needed hospitalization. These cases will differ depending on their treatment and other circumstances. The severity of those conditions determines what kind of compensation each person gets. One could get more than $1 million if they need long-term care or paralysis. Another might only receive half that amount if the damages were not that extensive.

Factors Influencing Settlement Value

Several factors influence settlements. The nature and severity of the injuries may substantially affect the value of a case. Some of the factors include hospitalization, the cost of treatment, surgery and medicine, expenses for rehabilitation and therapy, and long-term or chronic injuries require ongoing care and support.

Suppose your fall causes significant damage that prevents the return to previous employment or wage level. In that case, there might be compensation available for lost wages and reduced earning capacity because of missed opportunities during this period. If they were partly negligent, then comparative negligence laws will reduce their responsibility for damages. Meaning if 50% of fault were shared between both parties, then each would receive 25%.

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Calculating a Reasonable Settlement Amount in Slip and Fall Accident Case

An estimate ensures that any settlement awarded meets your needs -also covering all linked expenses from medical treatment until full recovery takes place. If you were a victim of such an accident, a slip and fall attorney will help you in calculating the right estimate for your settlement.

Suppose you can’t get evidence regarding how much time off work was lost because of the accident. In that case, you might not get appropriately compensated by your insurance company. It’s therefore of importance to include any detail that will result in adequate compensation on your end as a victim. This can be achieved with the help of a personal injury lawyer.

Get In Touch With a Lawyer

According to California’s state premises liability statute, property owners or occupants are responsible for keeping the property clear of hazards that could cause potential slip and fall accidents. California Code of Civil Procedure states that victims of these injuries have up to 2-years to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Following that, victims may receive a settlement from the insurance company representing the responsible parties. However, knowing the exact amount to demand for a slip and fall settlement is not always easy. This is why you should get in touch with an attorney from a reputable law firm that has extensive experience in these cases to ensure the settlement you receive is worth it.


Whereas it might not be easy determining the average settlement for slip and fall cases in California, an experienced attorney will help by evaluating your case and creating an estimate. This ensures that the final settlement you receive will be fair.


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