BusinessLegalPrivate investigators: Fact finders or opinion givers

Private investigators: Fact finders or opinion givers


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Hiring a private investigator can be the best decision when trying to put your mind at ease in circumstances that otherwise don’t seem to have a way out.

Whether you are looking into how to find a person in Costa Rica, checking the security of a business or catching a cheating partner, a private investigator can help on different types of cases within the confines of the law.

What is a private investigator?

A private investigator (PI or a private eye), also called a private detective, or inquiry agent is a professional who is hired to gather information and search for clues for private clients or even court cases. They do this by interviewing people, conducting surveillance, or gathering important details for cases; all of this without breaking the law. In most cases, private investigators are licensed in multiple states. International private investigators are professional investigators specializing in multiple countries, or investigation companies that are based outside of the country where the client resides.

Private investigators

A private investigator can document a crime but most of the time, they cannot arrest someone, even if they are witnessing the crime. This is done by law enforcement officers. However, a private investigator can sometimes arrest if it falls under their jurisdiction.

Fact finders vs opinion givers

We live in a time where people are not afraid of sharing their opinions on everything, especially on social media platforms.

However, for a private investigator, this can turn out to have a domino effect, as they are essentially fact finders. Their job is to gather information and report the facts in a clear and incisive way, and ultimately let the opinion and decision-making up to the client.

When dealing with background checks, for instance, private detectives are in charge of identifying potential red flags that can determine very important decisions, whether in a personal or business matter. By being subjective and giving their opinions, private detectives can influence this decision, which is not a professional approach. If the client specifically asks for it to have more context, investigators can offer their opinion.

Private investigators

Like everywhere else in the world, a private investigator in Costa Rica will use his gut instinct to get to the bottom of things. Gut instinct means that private detectives have formed an opinion, however, this will not be put on the report they provide as factual evidence.

The take home

Through unique and effective methods, a detective agency can help you in a variety of circumstances, such as how to find a missing person, or gathering and verifying information that can help with your concerns regarding a person, organization, or business.

A private investigator’s work is conducted behind the scenes, in the most professional and effective way, without interfering. Giving the client space to form their own opinion or draw a factual conclusion.


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