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How to Collect and Preserve Witness Statements for a Motor Accident Case


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Witness statements are potent pieces of evidence in motor car accident cases. They can provide unbiased accounts of the incident from multiple perspectives. Witnesses should be documented at the scene of the accident.

If that’s impossible, your attorney can canvass the neighborhood for witnesses weeks or months later. But memories fade over time even if you get the details right away. Preserving evidence is critical to winning a car accident case.

Record the Statement

Witness statements are most valuable when captured immediately after a car accident. It makes it easier for witnesses to recall the incident without memory or emotion interfering and can reduce the risk of misinterpretation or loss of information as time passes.

If a witness agrees, it can be done in writing, voice recording, or video. It is important to record as many details about the accident as possible, including the date and time. The statement should also include the witness’s full legal name and contact details.

The statement should also describe what they saw, including car models, registration numbers, and colors.

Describe any damage to the vehicles or injuries to people involved in the crash. It is also helpful to record any sounds heard during the accident, such as the slamming of brakes or the sound of impact. It could provide additional insight into what caused the accident.

Capture images or video of the collision scene, making note of the weather and any other elements that might have played a role. Capture images or video of the collision scene, making note of the weather and any other elements that might have played a role.

The information provided here will assist your personal injury attorney from decide how to proceed.

Motor Accident

Store It Securely

Once the witness’s statement has been recorded, whether in written form or as a video recording, it should be securely stored. It means making copies of the statement and storing them in different places to prevent loss or damage.

For digital files, backing them up on a cloud storage service is an option to provide an extra layer of protection. I

t is also essential to ensure that any physical evidence has been preserved, including skid marks and vehicle damage. This type of evidence can be a vital part of your case, but it can also be tampered with by unauthorized persons.

Make sure to keep it in a safe place until a professional or law enforcement officer can examine it. It is also a good idea to canvass nearby businesses and homes to see if they have surveillance cameras that might have captured footage of the accident. If they do, request that the footage be reviewed.

Keep a Journal

A journal is essential to help you build a strong case for compensation after your accident. Your attorney can use the details you record to help you get the damages you deserve. Witnesses should be interviewed immediately after the accident while their memories are fresh.

However, only some witnesses will be comfortable providing a statement immediately. If this is the case, try to get their contact information and ask if they’d be willing to give one later.

witness statement can be written, recorded on audio or video with the witness’s consent, or even captured via smartphone. It should accurately reflect what the witness saw and heard and be free of bias or influence. It will make it more persuasive in court or when negotiating with insurance companies. It guarantees you the money you require to heal from your wounds.

Contact an Attorney

Based on the laws governing evidence and record keeping, an experienced attorney can counsel clients on what to gather and preserve and the potential length of time the evidence may be admitted in court. They also know what steps to take if witnesses are challenging to locate or reluctant to participate in an interview.

If you can, document the information of anyone who witnessed the accident. Please get the name, address, phone number, and insurance provider.

Record the crash scene with photos or video, noting the weather and other elements that might have contributed to the collision.

It is common for insurance providers and investigators to obtain written or recorded statements from non-party eyewitnesses before litigation.

However, a witness’s memory of the accident can differ in the days after a crash, and inconsistencies may be used to discredit a witness or weaken your compensation claim. For this reason, collecting as much information as possible while the event is fresh in a person’s mind is essential.

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