5 Important Qualities to Look for in a Business Lawyer

Attorney Law Lawyer

Whether starting a business, in the middle of a dispute, or preparing for a merger, you need an experienced business attorney. However, finding a quality attorney can be challenging.

An excellent place to start is by asking for recommendations from trusted friends and coworkers or even fellow small-business owners. Once you have a shortlist of candidates, meet them to ensure they will fit your company well.

Knowledge of the Law

An experienced business lawyer can be one of your company’s most valuable assets. They can assist you in avoiding legal hazards and ensuring that your company complies with all applicable legislation.

Pay attention to how well potential attorneys understand your sector and the unique aspects of your business during your early meetings and chats. They should have a decent working knowledge of challenges and opportunities facing companies in your niche and the ability to research quickly and effectively.

Lastly, look for an attorney who prioritizes your requests and communicates promptly. They should also be able to communicate complex legal topics in layman’s terms without using legalese. They should also be able to find budget-friendly arrangements for your company, including flat fees and contingency payments.

Communication Skills

The right business lawyer can translate legal jargon into words that make sense for everyone. They should be articulate in both oral and written communication. They also need to be able to follow constant changes in the law regarding your business and quickly notify you of these.

This requires good listening skills and an ability to understand the genuine emotions of others. It is an essential skill for any attorney who regularly interacts professionally with clients, colleagues, and judges.

Adequate verbal eloquence is necessary to convey ideas in courtroom proceedings and negotiations. Likewise, written clarity is essential when drafting legal documents and writing emails to colleagues and clients. This necessitates a strong command of grammar and spelling. The best lawyers at Linden Law Partners can compose precise written messages, even under pressure.

Attorney Law Lawyer

Negotiation Skills

Whether negotiating a multi-million dollar business deal or disputing a property line with a neighbor, a good lawyer must have strong negotiation skills. Creating value in a negotiation is essential because it allows both parties to walk away feeling like they won. It’s also critical to quickly make decisions while remaining calm and composed.

When evaluating an attorney’s negotiation skills, look for their ability to communicate with both sides of a dispute effectively. This is essential when determining their success at achieving their client’s goals. Also, consider their ability to think outside the box when solving disputes.


A good business lawyer is a valuable asset to any small or new company but is sometimes a one-size-fits-all. You may need to hire them for a big legal case or an employment issue. Still, you also need them for day-to-day questions about the tax implications of certain business decisions or how to handle a complaint from an employee.

As you consider outside counsel, look for an attorney who will be flexible with their hourly billing rates. This is especially critical for small enterprises with limited resources. Many business attorneys are willing to work with clients on a sliding scale or even offer flat fees for more straightforward projects such as setting up your entity and drafting short contracts.


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