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Types Of Welding Torches


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Welding torches have different types as welding has a variety of styles. The welding torches are only helpful in the automatic welding industry or system. It directly inserts inside the welding arch and powers the electrode to provide the shield.

Welding torches have different types, but the choice depends on the process of welding. Moreover, the welding process, current, shielding medium, and electrode size affect the selection of welding torches.

Welding torches are classified according to their cooling way. Some torches require water cooling, and some require air cooling. Circulating water and ambient air is the critical part of using the welding torches.


However, in this article, we will discuss welding torches and their type.

So let’s dig into it.

What are welding torches?

Welding torch uses the consumable welding electrodes during the weld like gas and metal or flux. Welding torches make the welding process easy, but it also requires consideration in selecting and using the welding torches.

Welding torches are straight or have a bend in their barrel. Bended welding torches are best for robotic arc welding that provides easy access to the metal welding points. However, the primary function of welding torches is to provide the current to the electrode. When present is provided through the welding torch, then it controls the move of electrode movement.

Moreover, welding torches provide the shield as shielding gas. So the gas metal arc welding has the effective use of welding torches, and it delivers the mixture of shielding gasses. The shielding gases include the mixtures of inert gases like argon, oxygen, and carbon dioxide.

Welding torches prevent the welder from expensive weld equipment and reduce the sticking electrode and crashes during the installment. You can check the variety of torches and prices here:

Types of welding torches

Here are the two primary types of welding torches.

  1. Positive pressure welding torches
  2. Injector type welding torches


Positive pressure welding torches

Positive pressure welding torches have the moisture of fuel gases with oxygen. It consists of four essential parts, including the mixing chamber, body, torch valves, and tip. Oxygen and fuel gas mix under high pressure and supply to the weld point. There is a separate mixing chamber in welding torches for the gas mixture.

High-pressure welding torches consist of various materials like brass, aluminum, and stainless steel, but their different parts have silver braze that ensures their longevity. The hand valves are available at the end of the torch, where the hoses join with its body. The mixing chamber is located inside the body of the torch or in the torch tube. Gases incorporate from the stainless-steel brass tubes that lead towards the torch valves. The size and design of the torch depend on the torch mixing chamber.


Injector type welding torches

​Injector type of welding torches refers to the low-pressure welding torches. It looks similar to the positive pressure welding torch, but its internal construction is entirely different. An injector torch can operate the low acetylene pressure that depends on the metal that needs welding. However, there are certain advantages of injector welding torches.

It supplies the acetylene to the weld at ¼ psi pressure, which is best to reduce the spatters and provide an effective weld.

The oxygen enters into the injector through a jet that has acetylene surroundings. When oxygen injects into the injector, it draws the acetylene along with it.

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