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Know Whether Having A Water Based Degreaser Is A Good Idea Or Not


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A water based degreaser uses water as its primary solvent. It gets rid of soil particles not only by solvating contaminants but also by chemically reacting with greasy contaminants. This process makes the contaminants easily dissolvable in water. When you bring solvent, water, saponifies, and surfactants altogether in a degreaser, it is much safer than solvents and often more effective in removing even the hardened grease.

Earlier, industrial degreasing and cleaning products were available as solvent-based. But it became obsolete because it was too expensive and these solvents can be evaporated rapidly. But the latest water based degreaser makes sure to solve all these problems without affecting its performance. So let us know more about the benefits of the degreaser.

Benefits of water based degreaser over solvent-based


To make the right choice whether to buy a water-based degreaser or not, you must know its benefit over a solvent-based degreaser. So, we have mentioned it in the below points:

1. Better Compliance

When complying with environmental safety, a water based degreaser has a little advantage over a solvent one.  Solvents can spread some infections because they are made from harmful chemicals. But, water-based degreasers are safe to use and they do not have any harmful chemicals and toxins.

2. Reduces operating cost

Lots of solvent-based degreasers involve chemicals having a high evaporation rate that should not be inhaled. In addition, they are also not safe to touch as they might cause skin irritation. When these variables are in their places, they require an air-filtration process and you need to use a high level of personal protective equipment. As a result, the operating cost increases excessively. However, this is not the case with a water based degreaser and you can reduce your cost by using such degreasers.

3. Relatively safe

Solvent degreaser often has a flashpoint; sometimes, they are high and sometimes, low. But in the case of water, it is often used to distinguish fires. So, we can say we do not have any risk in terms of fire hazards when dealing with water based degreaser.

4. Reduces disposal costs

Removing a waste trap from a water based degreaser is much less expensive than removing the trap from a solvent-based degreaser. The latter one requires more precaution and process to remove the waste.

Other benefits of using a water-based degreaser are:

  • Low degree of evaporation
  • Removes salt
  • Respiration not needed
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Universal products
  • VOC free
  • Appropriate for preparing solvent-based paints
  • Creates no damage on the painted surface
  • Do not affect plastic or rubbers

Some Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing An Effective Degreaser

When choosing the best degreaser for yourself, make sure to consider the following points:

1. Safety First

Where chemicals and cleaning agents are involved, it is necessary to keep safety in check. Degreasers can be hazardous when not used in the right conditions. So, when selecting the perfect degreaser, make sure to select the one that has relatively less harmful content.

2. Know your Purpose:

Every degreaser and cleaning agent is formed, keeping specific uses in mind. So, you must decide whether you want a general one or something with a particular application. For example, Transportation, Concrete, and Kitchens.

3. Industry Regulations:

Industry standards and regulations treat the environment, consumer, business, and employees alike. So, when selecting the perfect degreaser, it is very important to keep the industry regulations in mind.


Using a water based degreaser has many benefits on chemical regulation, reducing operating costs, reducing mitigation costs, simplifying degreaser storage. In addition, they are much safer than the previously used solvent-based and it is recommended for every industrial work. But before you buy one, make sure to consider all the tips mentioned above.

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