BusinessIndustryIs the Fourth Industrial Revolution Reshaping our World?

Is the Fourth Industrial Revolution Reshaping our World?


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As the world’s leaders gather at Davos to discuss the future of our planet, TBD Media Group is on the scene to find out how industry 4.0 and other developments are shaping the way we live.

Every year, influential figures from all over the globe descend upon the Swiss Alps for the World Economic Forum. This highly anticipated event is a chance for heads of state, top CEOs, and leading experts to discuss pressing issues and potential solutions.

As the world teeters on the brink of numerous crises, it is clear that bold action is needed to set things right. Only a strong economy can provide the stability necessary to weather these challenges. To achieve this, however, global cooperation is essential – as well as presenting innovative ideas to a wider audience.

Davos 2023

Acclaimed production company TBD Media Group returns to Davos in 2023 with a series of case studies and short documentaries on the business leaders for open debate and discussion.

TBD Media has grown an outstanding reputation for reporting on global leaders in business innovation and digitalisation. This year, TBD Media is attending Davos to conduct deep dive investigations into the strategies of organisations from a range of sectors, addressing how the world’s problems will be shaped and solved by the latest developments in digitisation, the fourth industrial revolution.

The interviews will be presented by Andrew Wilson, former Foreign Correspondent for Sky News with extensive international reporting experience as well as Rosanna Lockwood, professional broadcast journalist and anchor. They will be speaking with mobility experts and energy providers, but also with spaceflight companies and crypto data specialists, to gain insights into the role of digitalisation in shaping society and infrastructure around the world.

The resulting content will be distributed as part of a global campaign on the world’s leading media platforms.

Paolo Zanini, Founder and CEO at TBD Media Group says:

“TBD Media is proud to be engaged with Davos, a place where the world’s highest-level business decisions are made. These decisions have a profound impact on the present and future of every person on Earth. It is essential that the ideas behind these decisions are explained and examined so that the global community can understand them. Therefore, TBD is honoured to participate in this pivotal event.”

The world’s biggest issues and crises present an opportunity for positive change, according to Zanini. He believes that the Forum has a responsibility to lead the way in enacting this change:

“The world’s smartest minds are meeting at Davos to discuss how we can create a fairer, more sustainable future. They will be sharing their insights on how to respond to some of the most pressing issues facing us today. Even though these challenges may seem daunting, we are hopeful that by working together, we can find solutions that will lead to a cleaner, more peaceful and just world.”

Clients to be featured will include:

TDK Ventures, Switch Health Solutions, Birdeye, Brex, EMD Millipore, Jumptuit, Hydrogen-Pro, Fasanara Capital, Kroll, Flow Traders, Corbion Group, Magnit, Gaia-X, Ecowatt Energy, Focus Equities, Globacap, JGC Holdings, Anaplan Ltd., MEDC, Trivium Packaging, H&M Foundation, Matrix Tutors, Helm AG, Ice Green, Fritz Winter, Pareto Securities, Saxbys, Crisp, Pinochle, Secureworks, Airwallex, Sulzer Management, ND Group, Proterra, Hoegh, NCC Group, Lukka, Air Liquide, Clicdata, Novastone, Voyager Space, Lunajets, Trellix, Zurich Insurance, Albemarle, CGAP-World, Phenogy, U-Earth, MLP Finanzberatung

More information about the Davos 2023 campaign may be found here.

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