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How Can Brands Use Custom Tuck Boxes to Increase Sales?


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The global market for tuck boxes is estimated to reach a high CAGR of 3.95 during 2022-2029. This fact is enough to highlight the importance of custom tuck boxes in the next years. Moreover, product packaging has become critical to increasing sales. Customers see the packaging before checking the product. Hence, it is important to invest in tuck boxes to stand out from other brands.

Today we will discuss the importance of these boxes for retail businesses. How they can help you enhance brand awareness, increase reach, and drive sales? Furthermore, this guide also covers types of custom boxes and places to buy them.

Benefits of Custom Tuck End Boxes

Custom Tuck Boxes

High Return on Investment

Every business is worried about return on investment, or ROI. Business owners prefer to take initiatives with a high ROI. All businesses evaluate a lot before investing in packaging because it isn’t directly related to product quality. However, the irony is that it is directly related to increasing brand reach, recognition, and sales. Custom packaging slightly increases the cost, but you will start getting the benefits in a few months.

Create an Effective Marketing Campaign

Custom packaging, either tuck boxes or any other type, can help you kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, you can attract shoppers to your products. Secondly, you can build a marketing campaign without any additional charges. You can print a brand logo, tagline, brand story, or other branding elements that match your brand or product’s overall marketing campaign.

Create Differentiation and Get Competitive Edge

Buyers these days are in a hurry when shopping for their regular items at stores. Your product will not get noticed unless it has something unique. The best way to get that edge is to use custom boxes. Modified tuck boxes can help you differentiate your product and get an edge over your competitors. For example, you can use sharp colors or attractive images & taglines according to your target audience.

Durability and Protection

Apart from a high ROI and brand reach, these boxes offer protection for your products. They are usually made from cardboard or corrugated stock and can bear shocks, weight, and pressure. Corrugated stock can also withstand moisture to some extent. These properties make the boxes ideal for long distance shipping.


The recent changes in overall buyer behavior have increased the demand for eco-friendly packaging. Customers now seek biodegradable and green packaging to reduce their carbon footprint. Custom tuck boxes are the perfect solution to satisfy eco-conscious buyers. By using eco-friendly boxes, you can not only target them but also play your part in environmental conservation.

Custom Tuck Boxes and E-Commerce Brands

E-commerce brands can particularly benefit from these boxes. A strategically designed tuck box can serve as an active marketing tool. The boxes get noticed during shipping, at office desks, or by neighbors. So if it is properly designed, it can increase brand reach. Moreover, tuck boxes keep products safe during long distance shipping. You can modify the boxes using cushioning and inserts to keep delicate items safe.

Excellent Unboxing Experience

The current age of social media has made unboxing a necessary part of the shopping experience. Many potential buyers look for unboxing videos before purchasing. These boxes allow your buyers to have an excellent and sharing-worthy unboxing experience. It also helps create positive word-of-mouth and can significantly increase referrals.

Where can you Buy Custom Tuck Boxes?

Custom Tuck Boxes

Packaging Manufacturers

You can buy directly from packaging manufacturers. There are certain pros and cons when dealing with manufacturers. They usually require a minimum order quantity and an advance before taking your order, but the biggest plus is that they are cheaper.

Printing Companies

Many printing companies buy plain boxes from manufacturers and print them according to your design. These usually don’t have the minimum order quantity requirement but charge a bit more.

Online Marketplaces

You can find various sellers in one place. Online marketplaces help you compare prices from different sellers. The best places to buy custom boxes are Alibaba, Etsy, and Amazon.

Types of Custom Tuck Boxes

Straight Tuck End Boxes

The flaps on both ends tuck into the box, giving it a neat look. Straight end boxes are made with cardboard or corrugated stock and offer impressive durability. These boxes offer maximum customization chances for brands. They are best for shelf displays and point-of-purchase items.

Reverse Tuck End Boxes

These boxes have two flaps that fold in opposite directions. The bottom flap tucks into the front, while the top flap tucks into the back. These also provide maximum customization chances and are best for sending samples to customers. They are not good for shelf products.

Gable Bag Tuck End Boxes

They come with a gable-shaped top and a handle at the top and a tuck-in flap at the bottom. You can use the space for displaying brand logos, product details, shades, and other designs. Custom gable bag tuck end boxes are great for toys, stationery, and cosmetics.

Double Wall Tuck Front Boxes

These are quite different from regular tuck boxes. The double-walled structure provides maximum protection for delicate items. The flaps are tucked at the front. They are typically used for electronic items. The shape of the boxes provides maximum space for brands to display their brand logo, product features, and contact details.

Tuck End Dispenser Boxes

They have a flap at one end, which you can tuck in, while the other end has a dispenser. These boxes are perfect for small items such as candies, tissues, pamphlets, and tea bags. You can customize all the sides of the box and use them to print your brand’s logo, colors, story, taglines, or product features.

Final Words: Should I Invest in Custom Tuck Boxes?

Yes. Custom tuck boxes are worth every cent. They can help you build brand recognition, attract customers, and generate more sales. From the cost point of view, the return on investment is excellent. These boxes let brands connect with their target audience and tell their story. You can use them to reach more people and build a returning customer base.


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