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Complete Information on Highly Trained & Accredited Height Safety Experts


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High-rising building projects are commonly seen now here and there. But what’s hidden fact here is that the risk of the workers of these construction projects while they work on height. Falls at these work places are common, and many people who fall from heights have catastrophic injuries or death. However, staging workers have a higher injury rate than their counterparts in the construction industry, and those injured at demolition or building sites generally suffer from numerous injuries.

Industries that are subject to work-at-height regulations must have a fall prevention system and harnesses installed. To ensure everyone’s safety, they must follow the guidelines, which may include having a fall protection engineer on site before starting work. This service is provided by the highly trained and accredited height safety experts whose responsibility are roof access, working at heights, and ensuring fall prevention systems are taken.

What Are The Responsibilities Of Highly Trained And Accredited Height Safety Experts?

About one-third, or 33.5%, of construction worker fatalities, are caused by falls. Ladders, scaffolds, and other elevated equipment account for most falls and injuries sustained by workers and bystanders. Workers conduct their tasks at a height that put them in danger of falling to the ground below if they slipped while descending or ascending a ladder or scaffolding. It could have been because of movement while performing their tasks or because of malfunctioning equipment.

Below Are Some of The Responsibilities Of The Highly Trained And Accredited Height Safety Experts-

Safety Experts

1.      Assessing Risk and Conducting Audits for Work at Height:

A thorough risk assessment is a first and foremost stage in working safely at height. Highly trained and accredited height safety experts will audit your current systems, equipment, and processes to identify any problems, dangers, or opportunities for improvement. If dangers are effectively identified, safe procedures and equipment will be used.

The audit will suggest what safety systems and practices are needed to ensure compliance and worker safety and if any current height safety equipment needs to be updated to international standards.

2.      Safety Checks at Great Heights:

In the sites where workers are working on great heights, the highly trained and accredited height safety experts will inspect and test everything thoroughly to ensure it complies with country’s regulations and any other applicable codes of practice, laws, or manufacturer guidelines. The checking includes-

  • All parts of the system must pass a visual assessment
  • Instructions for confirming
  • To evaluate utilizing pulling and putting on the pressure
  • Examination of the Nature of the Work Being Done
  • Study of the altitudes at which these activities occur
  • Fall hazards are identified and addressed

    3.      Accountability in Reporting of Height-Related Safety Issues:

Highly trained and accredited height safety experts, who have undergone extensive training and accreditation, write up detailed reports based on their survey and suggest how to fix any problem uncovered during inspections and audits. Understanding and assessing the state of your systems is simplified with the help of user-friendly online asset management tools.

4.      Instructing in Risk Management:

Highly trained and accredited height safety experts also provide a wide variety of courses approved by national accrediting bodies to help prepare your staff for working in hazardous conditions. A certified training institution offers courses in a wide range of high-risk occupations and workplace safety topics and is recognized on a national level. Highly trained and accredited height safety experts with years of experience in height safety teach all of their courses. Their modern facilities are ideal for training purposes.

5.      Protective measures:

The term “safety system” is used interchangeably with “fixed-height safety and fall prevention system” to describe such systems’ design, installation, and maintenance taken by these experts. Highly trained and accredited height safety experts can develop a cost-effective and compliant system regardless of the roof’s pitch or slope.

6.      Outfitted with the necessary safety gear:

The height safety engineers have close ties to the industry’s most reputable suppliers of PPE for use in hazardous environments. Highly trained and accredited height safety experts can assist the industry owners as well as the workers in selecting, fitting, and maintaining a wide variety of safety gear, including harnesses, lanyards, ropes, fall arrest blocks, rope access gear, and emergency response.


Having a professional test and evaluating your height safety equipment regularly is the best way to ensure the continued security of your workplace. Highly trained and accredited height safety experts are able to inspect various lifesaving gear, including harnesses and lanyards, assess the risk amount or chances, and suggest taking necessary safety measures so that falls and accidents can be avoided.


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