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Briquetting Machine Working Principle


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The total arrangement of gear for making charcoal fundamentally incorporates the devastating hardware, drying gear, briquetting gear, and carbonizing hardware. It is likewise the essential hardware for making charcoal.

Above all else, the functioning guideline of the devastating hardware is to pound the material into little particles under 3mm through the inactivity and radiating power produced by the quick revolution of the edge. The squashed material then, at that point goes into the drying gear for drying. The functioning rule of the drying hardware is to take the dampness from the crude material with the progression of the hot air, in this manner to meet the necessity of the water substance of the crude material in the subsequent stage.

Above all else, the functioning rule of the devastating gear is to pound the material into little particles under 3mm through the dormancy and diffusive power created by the fast pivot of the edge. The squashed material then, at that point goes into the drying hardware for drying. The functioning rule of the drying gear is to take the dampness from the crude material with the progression of the hot air, accordingly to meet the prerequisite of the water substance of the crude material in the subsequent stage.

The briquette machine manufacture utilizes high temperature and high strain to get the drying materials expelled into briquettes. Carbonization is the last cycle for making charcoal. The most recent natural without smoke carbonizing heater created by our organization embraces new ecological insurance innovation. It doesn’t deliver any smoke spillage during the time spent working. Ignitable gas can be delivered at a specific temperature in the heater, which is more energy preservation and natural security and breaks the past irregular creation. The new kind of persistent working carbonizing heater expands the creation limit of the gear.

Advantages :

Ecological well disposed:

The briquettes made by biomass briquetting press are carbonized inside a fixed heater so that to forestall the air contamination brought about by crude wood charking.

High energy content:

the charcoal briquettes made by biomass briquetting presses have 80% of charcoal, calorific worth, and high thickness, so they are strong to consume. While the customary charcoal has low carbon content and calorific worth.


The charcoal briquettes have no smoke, no flash, no debris, and little debris content and are handily combusted than crude biomass briquettes and conventional charcoal.

Customary shape:

The charcoal briquettes produced using the biomass charcoal briquetting press have a customary shape, so they are not difficult to store and move. The empty plan ignites it simply too.

Low dampness substance of 5%:

customary charcoal has higher dampness content.

More exorbitant cost

The lovely appearance, smooth or in any event, sparkling surface will give charcoal briquettes a higher selling cost. Normally, the cost of charcoal briquettes is 10-40 times of creation cost.


As the briquettes are a cleaner wellspring of energy, the public authority of numerous nations, including India offers different motivating forces for utilizing briquette machines. A portion of the motivations offered by the Indian Government are-

  • 35% endowment by the public authority on the absolute expense of the briquette plant;
  • No annual duty for initial five years;
  • NOC from the State Contamination Board isn’t mandatory for utilizing these plants;
  • Low-loan fees from government monetary establishments.

As should be obvious, a briquettes machine isn’t just eco-accommodating however monetarily amicable too. From ventures to a family, they can be utilized in various applications while keeping the climate safe and furnishing you with significant investment funds.

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Levelheaded plan, solid assembling quality, and the upsides of basic construction, advantageous activity, little volume, less land occupation, work, and power saving.

Full programmed control electric warming gadget of briquette machine can change the dampness of wood material, yet in addition, improve the creation effectiveness, ensure the security of framing and releasing of briquettes.

To make the briquette machine better adjust to the preparing creation, the fundamental part needs to receive the wear-opposing material with exceptional treatment and fulfill the working interest of consistent squeezing creation.

The briquette machine should have the option to meet different crude material preparing and creation, adjust to the squeezing and embellishment of different crude materials with high creation effectiveness and constant creation.

The briquette machine receives another kind of paint oil plan, which can be effortlessly handled and delivered by utilizing the oil-submerged grease rather than the old oil technique.

The briquette machine embraces an expanding pitch plan, which can additionally build the feed volume, extraordinarily increment creation yield and improve creation effectiveness.

The results of briquette machines are generally utilized in metallurgy, compound industry, medication, ecological insurance, and can likewise be utilized in food grill, common warming, and so forth They have wide application and popularity. Northern summer is the wheat reap season, it likewise gives valuable crude materials to the creation of briquette machine. Harvest stalks, woodcutting, and organic materials can be utilized in the creation of charcoal. The disposed of straws can be completely utilized and transformed into treasure. With a major benefit, we can make benefits, ensure the biological climate, and secure the timberland assets of our tendency.



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