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How to Grow Massage Therapy Business with Zeel Massage App Clone


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Massage Therapy has bloomed quite a lot in the last decade. As more and more people are focusing on health and wellness, the popularity of massage therapy as a business to is growing. While there may be many massage parlors in your country or area, people still find it difficult to find the right therapist that charges the right amount and has the appropriate skill set. This is why; smart entrepreneurs are looking at this as the right time to grow their massage therapy business with the Zeel Massage App Clone.

The Fundamental Problem:

When it comes to getting a good massage, people have to scurry around the streets to find a hygienic, reliable, and reputed massage parlor which has the right resources and experience to give them what they want. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The Massage industry has been convoluted by taboos for a long time. Even expert therapists have had to face issues with unwarranted approaches and unsolicited advances. The fundamental problem of the industry is that its good name has been attached to many things that are very different from massage therapy itself.

This is where an on-demand massage therapist app like the Zeel Massage Clone App comes into the picture. The app becomes an excellent platform for service providers (in this case massage therapists) to find respected jobs from people willing to hire them at the price mentioned on the app for the type of massage that they wish to offer.

An app like the Zeel Massage App Clone enables users (customers) to view a list of all the services that are encompassed within the spectrum of massage and then evaluate the therapists closest to their areas based on the charges that they levy and the star rating that they have received from previous clients.

Since every detail such as the cost, the duration and the particular scope of the service is pre-mentioned in the app, the customer can make an informed choice of who they would like to hire without any ambiguous connotation anywhere.

The service provider (in this case, the massage therapist) can rest assured that no unwarranted attention will not be directed towards them and the customer can be satisfied by knowing that they can hire a massage therapist on demand whenever they like to deliver expert high-end services right at their homes.

Zeel Massage App Clone
Zeel Massage App Clone

How does the Zeel Massage App Clone Work?

The app has a very simple flow to ensure that it is easy for everyone to operate. Let us take a look at it.

  1. The Customer as well as the Service Provider (in this case, the Massage Therapist) download the app and create a profile by registering into it. The Customer creates a profile by adding details such as their name and address, while the massage therapist adds details such as their name, experience, expertise, etc.
  2. Then whenever the customer wishes to hire someone for a massage they can log into the app. When they will be able to view a list of all the services that are within the scope of the app. For example, Head Massage, Thai Massage, Facial Massage, Sciatic Massage, Deep Pore Massage, etc.
  3. Once they select the category, they will be able to see a  drop-down of the subcategories within the app, for example, if the user selects the option Head Massage, they will then be able to choose from a drop-down that reads, Oil Massage, Dry Massage, Herbal Massage, etc.
  4. After making this selection, the user will be able to see a list of all the massage therapists in and around their area willing to offer these services. They will be able to see the star rating as well as the pricing of these service providers.
  5. They can choose the one that they believe is best suited for the task.
  6. The Massage therapist gets a notification then, which shows the details of the job. Based on this, the therapist can accept or decline the job.
  7. In case the job is declined, the user is notified of the same and is then free to choose someone else.
  8. If the job is accepted, the user is notified of the details to confirm the time slot. The massage therapist receives a confirmation notification outlining the address, the service, the time, etc.
  9. Now, the massage therapist can reach the designated address and offer their services at the decided hour.
  10. After the services are rendered, the app will automatically facilitate the payment for the same.
  11. Now, both, the user as well as the service provider are free to rate each other using stars for the benefit of future users based on their experience.


If you wish to grow your own On-Demand Massage Therapy business with the Zeel Massage App Clone, then make sure that you only buy your app from a reliable on-demand mobile app Development Company that offers white label services. This will ensure that you can get the above-mentioned flow of the app that most users are accustomed to.


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