BusinessFind The Cause and Resolution of QuickBooks Error 6143

Find The Cause and Resolution of QuickBooks Error 6143


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Are you confused by QuickBooks error code 6143 and stuck for a workable solution to remedy it? You do not have to be concerned, however, as this piece will explain the many reasons why this error code exists.

If you want to learn more about QuickBooks error code 6143, its causes, and solutions, be sure to read this post all the way through.

What is QuickBooks Error Code 6143?

QuickBooks Error Code 6143 being one among the 6000 series typically manifests as a result of a problem with the company files. Additionally, it could be brought on by missing or broken QuickBooks installations or faulty system files. This may also be brought on by entries in the Windows registry that have been removed or damaged. This problem breaks the active Windows display and is followed by an error code which is “Error code 6143”. This error code causes the programme to freeze and restricts you from obtaining the programme or files.To make sure that all of the QuickBooks tasks are completed effectively and without hiccup, it is essential that we address the problem as soon as possible

Reason for the QuickBooks Error Code 6143?

You must comprehend the primary reason for this issue in order to find the right answer. Here are a few typical reasons why QuickBooks error code 6143 occurred on your computer :

  • In the event that any data in the Windows system files are damaged: Broken or missing company files are the main cause of QB Error Code 6143. A virus assault or a damaged entry could be to blame.
  • Improper installation of QB desktop : The failure to access your company file can be due to an issue with your QB application. Make that the application is operating properly and that your file is the problem. Your application must be fixed or reinstalled if it is defective.
  • When you encounter an error message on screen which reads “Sorry! Something went wrong! Please try starting over“.
  • The bank may opt to connect your QB and bank accounts if you receive a new credit card or account number.

Signs of 

You may quickly determine if QB error code 6143 is affecting your program by focusing on the following signs.

  • When the software is running, the program window regularly crashes.
  • The message ” QB Error code 6143″ keeps appearing on the screen.
  • Windows begins to react slowly.
  • Windows responds slowly and operates slowly.
  • While operating, the screen frequently lags.

How to fix Error Code 6143 in QuickBooks?

The most recent methods for resolving QB Error Code 6143

Make sure you are running the latest current edition of QuickBooks Desktop before you start troubleshooting. Additionally, aside from the server hosting the corporate file, disable the hosting feature on each workstation in your network. If QuickBooks Error Code 6143 continues, take into account the following causes and potential fixes:-


By using the solutions listed in this article, it is simple to fix the QB error code 6143. Let’s go through each approach one at a time:

Method 1: Launching a sample company file that has been installed locally on a workstation

The first technique requires Launching a sample company file set up locally on the workstation. Launching the sample company file allows you to determine if the problem is related to the company file. If the sample company file does not start and instead displays the error code message, the QuickBooks installation is affected. The procedures to follow are as shown in:

  • Select Open a sample file in the No company open window in the beginning.
  • choose from the Sample company files page.
  • If the sample file opens, you will have to access it locally. If, on the other hand, the sample file displays the same error message, then fixing the QuickBooks installation is often necessary.

Method 2: Setting up antivirus software and firewall ports

If your antivirus and firewall programs prevent you from accessing specific QuickBooks programs or files, you may receive QuickBooks Error Code 6143. Users could also attempt to set up the firewall ports and install an exception for the QB program.

  • Launch Windows Firewall by tapping the Windows Start button.
  • Then select Advanced Settings.
  • Click or tap on New Rule by right-clicking on Inbound Rule. (You must later develop Outbound Rules.)
  • Select Program, then selects Next.
  • Select Browse by clicking this program’s path now.
  • Pick one of the executable files from the list below. after which select Next.
  • If prompted, confirm that every file is marked before choosing Next.
  • Make a rule and name it something memorable like “QBFirewallException(name.exe).

Method 3: Close all the QB process

A further viable option for resolving QuickBooks Error Code 6143 is to terminate all QB -related processes. The following are the steps to be taken in this approach:

  • You must first log in as the administrator.
  • Following that, click the Ctrl + shift + esc keys to bring up the task manager.
  • Now, select the users tab to Show processes for all users.
  • End all QB -related tasks by selecting the End task option.

Method 4: Locally, launch the company file

You can check to see whether there is a problem with the company file’s position by opening it locally. If the file launches while it is still saved to the computer, the position is likely corrupted. If the file doesn’t reopen even after adjusting the position, there is a chance that the file is broken.

The steps to take in order to open the corporate file locally are described below:

  • Open the folder containing the company file first.
  • then perform a search for files with the QB extension.
  • Once you’ve found the file, select it with the right click.
  • Then select Copy and go to the computer.
  • Now, while holding down the Control key, right-click and choose Paste.
  • Open QuickBooks after you’ve correctly transferred the file to your desktop.
  • Moving forward, you must go to the window with no company open.
  • Select Open or restore an existing company.
  • Lastly, End all QuickBook Process

Method 5 :Modify the.ND and.TLG files

Changing the name of the damaged.ND and.TLG files in certain situations can fix QB error Code 6143. You can stop QuickBooks from reading these files by renaming them. As a last resort, when you reopen the QB software, it starts from scratch. Use the steps listed below to modify the files:

  • Open the folder holding the files for your company.
  • Choose the file that has the extensions.ND and.TLG.
  • Modify them by using the right-click menu.
  • At the end of the files, add “.old,” then press the “Enter” key.
  • Check to see whether the Error code 6143 returns after restarting the machine.

Method 6: Leaving some space in the Company file’s File name

The final effective step to fix this QuickBooks Error code entails removing the blank spaces from the file name of the company file. Users must go to the QuickBooks destination folder to do that. Here are some quick steps:

  • Right-click on the QuickBooks icon on your desktop, then select the Properties option. (If the QuickBooks icon isn’t present on the Desktop, visit it from the Start menu and select Properties from there.)
  • Hit on Open File Location after the user has selected Properties. Visitors will be taken directly to the QuickBooks folder by this action. Inside this folder, search for and access the Company files document.
  • The company file must be selected by right-clicking it, and then the option to Rename that file must be selected.
  • Check to see if the Company file’s file name has any spaces. Thereafter, tap on the window to update the file name to mirror the changes.
  • Open QuickBooks once more to confirm that the major fault has been permanently fixed.

Method 7: Make use of the QuickBooks File Doctor tool.

Numerous essential functions may be found in the QuickBooks Tool Hub to help users deal with technical problems in QuickBooks. The QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool is one such function. This essential tool helps QuickBooks diagnose a wide range of installation-related problems. The following are the procedures for configuring the programme to use in order to fix Error Code 6143 in QuickBooks:

  • Start by closing the QuickBooks programme.
  • Open the QuickBooks Tool Hub Program after that.
  • Tap on the Company File Issues following that.
  • Select OK after clicking Quick Fix my File.
  • Lastly, attempt to access the QuickBooks programme.

This brings us to the conclusion of this post, where we hope the advice provided above will assist in resolving the QuickBooks error code 6143 issue. Despite using all of the aforementioned fixes, the problem still exists. The best all you need is

We are a qualified group of QuickBooks technicians with certification. You can contact us on +1-855-738-1472. Our knowledgeable staff will be pleased to assist you!

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