BusinessExplore Better Construction Plans with The Use of Poly...

Explore Better Construction Plans with The Use of Poly Cement


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The alarming rate of plastic accumulation in the environment is leading to continuous experiments to reuse the plastic as much as possible. The disposal of plastic has become a headache as it is polluting the environment. From industrial units to domestic households- plastic waste production is found everywhere. The growing issue has led the scientists to research on mixing plastic with individual things like cement and make something useful out of it.

The resulting poly cement has surprisingly become a highly beneficial object that is now a favourite of many home builders. The contractors are using this special type of cement for various construction works. Contrary to the misconceptions, the poly cement proves itself as a strong and durable material, and so, plastic wastes have finally found a source of usefulness.

Poly Cement
Poly Cement

Restriction in Soil Depletion:

If you are in the construction industry, you are probably aware that the higher demand in the real estate market is leading to more and more construction works. Alongside, the flyovers and road constructions also demand solid construction materials. The concept of poly cement is still too nascent to become a reliable material for builders across the world. So, to fulfil the demand, cement manufacturers are providing huge quantities of concrete every day. The materials necessary to produce a billion tonnes of cement comes from the earth’s crust. So, in a way, you are contributing to the depletion of the natural resources and creating an ecological strain.

Plastic – The Ultimate Saviour:

Whenever you look at the plastic pieces in the garbage dump, you know that the earth is heading towards extinction. But what if the pollutant turns out to be the saviour?

  • Plastic is emerging as the latest engineering product that you can use for strengthening the structure of cement.
  • The use of poly cement probably dates to hundreds of years when the Romans and the Egyptians used plastics in the construction of sink units, floor tiles, bath, and even wall tiles.
  • The durability of the engineered cement is much higher than the standard cement quality.

A Sustainable Aggregate:

The extensive research of the experts has proven the fact that plastic is an effective substituent that can replace conventional aggregates like sand. If you mix plastic with cement to form the poly cement, it will be exceptionally durable but lightweight.

  • Useful in countries where the production of plastic wastes is higher.
  • Can fulfil the shortage of sand due to the prevention of dredging
  • No other recycling process available.
    Poly Cement
    Poly Cement

No Adverse Effect:

The main point of concern of the engineers was to see whether the poly cement had any adverse effect when used with cement. But even after mixing ground-up plastic with the concrete, the product was sustainable and had no ill effects at all over the years. Innovations in the concrete industry are aiding in the construction of more durable buildings which use the plastic-mix cement as the chief constituent.

Utilizing the Non-Degradable Feature:

Till now, the chief worry was the non-biodegradable nature of plastic that made it one of the most harmful waste materials causing pollution. But now, you will be glad that it does not undergo degradation. Your construction work will be the strongest only when the constituent materials won’t undergo any degradation. So nothing will satisfy you more than the poly cement which is changing the trends of construction designs altogether.

Summing Up-

You can mix the special cement with sand and produce a better quality of stuccos and plasters. The strong and durable material will act as the bets exterior surface cover. You can use it for repair work on the floors, walls, and other exterior surfaces of the home.


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