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The Time has come to switch from Plastic Bags to Paper Bags


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Consumer decision-making is influenced by product packaging. Good interactive product packaging communicates more than what you have to offer customers. It also reflects the values of your business, which can help you build trust and credibility.

Many businesses take packaging very seriously. Which packaging material will attract customers’ attention and keep products in good shape? Bonus points if the packaging material is eco-friendly.

This type of packaging is available in paper bag packaging.

Since their first mass production in 1852, paper bags have advanced significantly. They were made using a patent machine by Francis Wolle. Over the years, manufacturers have developed more durable and robust paper bags. They eventually produced paper bags in box-shaped designs that could hold more goods and stand up.

Plastic bags may have reduced the number of people who used paper bags. There are still many businesses that use paper bags, both for their packaging and marketing reasons.

Here are the details if you are thinking of using paper bags to package your boxed packaged goods and bottled or jarred packaged goods.

What are the Different Types of Paper Bags Available?


Many types of paper bags depend on the material they are made from. These styles are available:

Copperplate Paper

The flat, smooth surface of this paper bag packaging makes it stand out. The bag can easily be printed with vivid graphics thanks to its white appearance. Copperplate is less stiff than other packaging materials for paper bags.

White cardboard

The white cardboard paper bags are thicker, more rigid, and more resistant to breakage than copperplate. These paper bags can be customized with great color expressions thanks to their white cardboard paper construction.

Black Cardboard

This paper bag is made for specific purposes. This is also known as “black cardboard” because the two sides are black. Black cardboard bags are thick, firm, and textured. They have high tensile strength and good folding resistance.

Kraft Paper

Kraft paper bags are well-known for their brownish-yellow colors, high tensile strength, and toughness. This material is strong and tear-resistant. This material is commonly used for shopping bags and envelopes. Kraft paper is an excellent choice for small businesses looking to save money as it’s more affordable than the white card.

Which paper bag is right for you? It all depends on what your business is.

Paper shopping bags and lunch bags with handles can be handy if you own a small restaurant or deli. To open a grocery store, heavy-duty grocery bags and sacks are necessary. Merchandiser paper bags are ideal for boutiques and bookstores. Liquor stores can use wine, liquor, and beer bags. Market paper bags are best if you are starting a production company.

Are paper bags a good substitute for plastic bags?

Here’s why you should switch to Team Paper Bags (Photo from Pexels by Anna Tukhfatullina, Food Photographer/Stylist):

Packaging has become more critical thanks to plastic bags. Most consumers perceive plastic bags as stronger than paper, especially when holding beverages and food. That’s true. But there is more to paper bags than the “ripping apart when wet” part.

These are some reasons to consider:

Paper bags promote eco-friendliness.

Society is now more committed to taking care of Mother Nature. Nearly everyone is taking up the eco-friendly cause, whether it’s driving zero-emission vehicles, using energy-efficient appliances at home, or boycotting plastic bags. Switching to paper bags is one of the best ways to promote sustainability within your business.

Plastic bags emit toxic chemicals when recycled, so paper bags are safe. You can save the environment by using paper bags. This also saves sea animals from eating or choking on harmful plastic waste.

Paper bags are non-toxic and non-carcinogenic.

Plastic bags are toxic and have the most significant drawback. Although useful in packaging, these bags are made of harmful waste-producing fossil fuels. These materials are subject to a range of processes before they reach their final, “dangerous” state.

After the production phase, plastic bags can break into tiny particles that enter our bodies or become “Bisphenol A” (BPA), an infamous carcinogen.

Paper bags are entirely biodegradable.

Paper bags can be recycled and decomposed after being disposed of. This is an advantage over plastic bags, which remain on the ground. All paper bags, flat or white, are biodegradable. They can be used as a natural fertilizer for plants and trees.

Paper bags produce no emissions.

If we say that paper bags are emission-free, they were produced with low transportation and mechanical requirements. These bags are made primarily from recycled paper pulp, so not much is used for transportation. Paper bags have fewer carbon emissions.

Paper bags are cost-effective.

Paper bags are more straightforward to print than plastic bags. This makes them more economical. You can easily make these bags in various sizes, shapes, and patterns. You can also modify your bags if necessary due to campaign demands.

Paper bags are fashionable and robust.

Contrary to popular belief, paper bags can be spacious and soft. They can hold the same weight and pressure as plastic bags. Because of their unique shape (aka flat bottoms), they are big enough.

Paper bags are very fashionable, and many fashion brands use them to package their products. Paper bags come in many sizes, shapes, and designs. Your brand can be reflected in the bag’s design.

The bottom line:

Paper bags will benefit your business, customers, and the planet. By switching to paper bags, you can rebrand your company as a socially conscious business. This could help you attract more customers.

Choose paper bags to reflect your brand and better values today.


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