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Critter Cosmetics: University Grad Tackling Plastic Use in the Beauty Space


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Expected to reach a global market value of over 800 billion dollars in the next five years, the beauty industry is booming. That enormous success doesn’t come without consequence though, as the beauty industry is one of the leading culprits in utilizing single-use or Virgin/non-recycled plastics in packaging due to low production costs.

Every minute, the amount of plastic equivalent to the size of a garbage truck’s load is dumped into our oceans, resulting in an annual build-up of 350 million tons of plastic, 50% of which comes from single-use products alone. Our obsession with mass consumerism is not only destroying our oceans, killing thousands of land and sea animals who mistake plastic as food, it’s creating an uninhabitable planet for generations to come.

It’s time for consumers and businesses to start taking action and recognizing the different ways their choices make an impact on the surrounding world. Young ambitious founders like Pellant, 27, are starting to merge the concepts of sustainability, transparency, and profitability. When asked about her inspiration to found Critter Cosmetics, Pellant states:

“It came to me one night after watching a documentary about the destruction of our oceans due to plastic pollution and plastic use. I was horrified. I grew up on the ocean and it is something that matters dearly to me. I wondered why no one was doing anything about this…especially businesses who had the money and audience to make real change. As a beauty lover, I immediately saw that cosmetics space was a target for the introduction of more sustainable alternatives. If I was discarding mascaras or foundation containers after only a month or so of use, the other billions of men and women using beauty products were too. I knew there was a way to make low waste and plastic-free alternatives, ones that people would love.”

With the rise of socials, we are seeing the negative effects of Consumerism on our planet more each day. It’s refreshing to see savvy and compassionate startup founders like Pellant on a mission to make the world a better place for us all, critters included.

Critter Cosmetics currently in R&D for plastic-free and sustainable products and hopes to launch in the fall.

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