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Top Seven Canadian Universities for international students in 2020


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Canada is a land of dreams for those who want to attain a foreign educational degree. If you are one of those dreamers, know that Canada is one of the top study destinations for years now. Therefore you will be in for a tough competition in landing a scholarship or funding for your graduate studies. This shouldn’t discourage you, instead, take it as a challenge and work on your profile.

Choose the study program after carrying out thorough research on the study are you want to pursue your Master’s degree. You will observe that most Canadian universities are well ranked at a global level, and thus getting into one of those will become the highlight of your academic career.

This article aims to introduce you to the universities, which can become your study destination in Canada.

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Seven Canadian universities to opt for as an international student

Canadian universities are respected and well-recognized all over the world, and the degree from these universities weigh the same as those from American universities. Thus, do not for a second doubt, your choice in fears of lack of recognition for your degree. The list of best Canadian universities is as follows:

1. University of Toronto

The University of Toronto was founded in the year 1827 and is currently the leading institution in the country. It has been ranked 18th globally and offers eleven Master’s programs. It is home to around a million students and is a research-intensive institute and provides its students with a wide variety of opportunities to innovate and invent.

Whether you are interested in attaining a Master’s degree in Adult education, counseling psychology, anthropology, or criminology, the University of Toronto has all these opportunities for you. You can seek professional help from Education Consultants in Islamabad to ensure your seat in your desired Master’s program with ease and right guidance.

2. University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is located in Vancouver, Canada, and is considered a global center for research, teaching, and learning. It manages to take its place in the top twenty universities of the world and has been successful in gaining recognition as the most international university in the North American Continent. It offers more than 200 Master’s programs for more than half a million students.

3. McGill University

For higher learning, McGill University is one the best known in Canada and is thought of as one of the best universities all over the world. It hosts students from about 150 countries and offers around 75 Masters Programs. It is a historical university founded in 1813 and was ranked by QS as 35th in world university rankings.

4. McMaster University

If you are looking for an academic experience filled with inspiration for critical thinking and learning and unlearning besides learning the academic curriculum, McMaster might be the best place fo you. The university offers around 65 Masters programs and is a public institution. The university was founded in the year 1887, in Toronto. It is a medical doctoral university known as Canada’s most research-intensive university, which has made it to the top 100 universities of the world according to various ranking scales.

5. University of Montreal

It is another Canadian university that has made it to the top 100 universities in the ranking. If you are looking for a master’s degree in the field of Law, the University of Montreal is a suitable fit for you. The city of Montreal is multiethnic and hosts many universities. If you get to the University of Montreal with the help of one of the education consultants in Islamabad, you will be able to live in a multilingual environment with a diverse community.

6. University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa is located in Ottawa and has been disseminating education since 1848. It gains its status of university n the year 1889, before which it served as a college. The university is capable of preparing young people to find their true place in the world they live in and is continuously working on its mission to increase opportunities for research for students.

7. University of Waterloo

If you want the experience to be your teacher rather than being taught subject matter solely in a classroom, the University of Waterloo is the right place for you. Conduct your research on the degree programs offered there and choose the Master’s degree that suits your interests. You can become of the half-million students it hosts. The university was founded in 1957, and the main points of its recognition all over the world are entrepreneurship and innovation.

Looking for a suitable university in Canada?

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Foreign education at a higher level is often an experience of a lifetime. You just need to be sure that you have attained a certain level of clarity of your goals before moving on with the admission applications. Besides, be sure that all your necessary documents are safe with you. Lastly, do not forget to seek professional help for foreign study.


  1. […] this, Canada has a lucrative social structure that can facilitate you in easy adjustments being an international student. Additionally, economic stability can help you accommodate your study expenses […]


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