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How to Draw A Bear Face Easily


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How to Draw A Bear Face. When someone mentions bears, you might think of a beloved teddy bear or perhaps a classic book character, but the truth is, bears are usually terrifying and shouldn’t be taken lightly!

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Bears are among the toughest and most intimidating creatures in the animal kingdom, and many people love them despite their dangerous reputation.

Fans of this amazing animal might want to learn how to draw a bear face but need help knowing where to start.

However, this guide you’re about to work through is the perfect place to start!

How to Draw A Bear Face

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Step 1

To get started with this focus on how to attract a bear face, let’s start by outlining the face.

This will give us a good base when adding some facial detail later in this guide. The head consists mostly of a large rounded square shape with a small part sticking out below the chin of the face.

Then you can add two rounded lines at the top of the head for the two ears. Then you are ready for the next part!

Step 2

Now that you’ve outlined the head, we can start on the facial features in this next step.

First, we’ll start with the eyes. The eyes are quite small compared to the rest of the face and head. They can be drawn with solid black circles, each with a white dot.

Then you can draw another small circle around them and extend some lines down.

Finally, we draw the characteristic shape of the nose, from which some lines start.

Then you can finish this step by adding the top part of the mouth, which is separated into two parts. It may seem not easy here, but it will be much easier if you follow the reference image!

Step 3

In this third step of our focus on drawing a bear face, we will add more details to the face.

First, draw some rounded and curved shapes on the eyes, as shown in the reference image. Next, extend a straight line down the center of the snout.

Next, let’s draw another curved line under the mouth for the bottom lip. It’s that simple for this part, so let’s go ahead and add more details.

Step 4

You can add minor but effective details in this fourth part of your bear face drawing. First, draw some rounded lines inside the ears to show their interior.

Next, we’ll add some small thin round lines around the eyes to make them more realistic.

So let’s finish this step by drawing some lines in the nose to make it more realistic.

So we need to add a few details before the final step!

Step 5

It’s almost time to colorize your picture, but first, we need to add some finishing touches in this step of our direction on attracting a bear face. We’ll start by drawing some jagged, curved lines on the insides of the face.

Next, we’ll add more lines in the ears to get more details.

That completes the details in this guide, but you can continue there! Before proceeding, you can also add some details to add your touch to this image.

You could come up with many ideas for this, including drawing a body for the bear’s face or even creating a detailed background.

Bears can live in many different environments and climates, giving you freedom in the type of background you want to create.

Step 6

This brings you to the sixth and final step of this bear face drawing. You worked hard to draw this picture, and now you will enjoy adding some amazing colors to this step.

In our reference image, we chose nice shades of brown to color the bear, but these colors are just suggestions!

You can choose many other shades or a completely different color scheme.

You could even make it a stylistic portrait by adding some bright and amazing colors to the picture.

So you can also have fun deciding how to bring these colors to life. You could use an image medium like acrylics or watercolors to give the image a dynamic look.

Or you could use mediums like crayons, pencils, or markers for a fun color variation.

Your Bear Face Drawing is Finished!

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