BusinessDon’t Ignore These 5 Reasons to Partner with a...

Don’t Ignore These 5 Reasons to Partner with a Professional Italian Translator


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Translation is a common part of businesses in today’s world. Because so many companies operate well beyond the borders of their own country, there is a greater need than there has ever been for language translation and interpretation services. Whether you primarily do business in an area or a nation where the population is divided into several languages or you are doing business with corporate partners from across the ocean, many of today’s growing companies will require translation services in the next twelve months.

When you encounter these needs, it can be very tempting to rely on a free translation service or application. These services seem to be everywhere and have become a nearly-ubiquitous part of modern life in many places. This certainly includes many European nations such as Italy, where import and export business is expanding regularly. However, while they are handy for on-the-spot translation of basic texts, these applications and free web services are no match for longer, more complicated texts or the nuances involved in many industries.


Here are just a few of the reasons why, when your business is handed a translation task, you should outsource it to professional Italian translators online who truly understand the language:

Machine Translation Simply Isn’t Reliable

Imagine boarding an airline and seeing a sign meant to reassure tourists saying that the “pilot and Stewart speak English.” Who is Stewart? Obviously, the sign is supposed to say steward, and this real-world example of improper translation is not much more than a reason to chuckle. But this amusing translation mistake is unfortunately common – and can have much more dangerous consequences than simply getting a laugh out of your consumers.

If you rely on machine translation, you are almost guaranteed to end up with these kinds of poorly translated results. The problem is, when these things happen they can cost your company business – or even endanger the lives of consumers. Don’t trust their safety and your bottom line to a machine! Partner with a professional, human translator to get the kind of results you can rely on.

Machines Also Can’t Offer Cultural Understanding

There are many ways that Italian culture varies from that of other nations – even in nearby European countries. Indeed, even Italians living in other areas of the world have their own, unique culture that varies from that of Italians residing in Italy! There are colloquial terms, slang words, and references that are different and which can have major impacts on the understanding of translated words and phrases.

Don’t let misunderstandings of these cultural variances have a negative impact on your business’s advertisement and trade within Italian communities. Partner with someone who truly understands the way these seemingly-small differences change meanings. Forgo stiff, errant machine translation and work with a human being who has the capacity to assist you with your dealings with Italian clients.

Professional Translation is Highly Vetted

Typically, machine translation is an as-is product. That’s why so many companies who offer this free or inexpensive service add a disclaimer to their advertisement saying that they cannot guarantee the accuracy of their translations. That’s fine when you’re only using these applications and automated services to translate personal communications and casual curiosities – but it makes a big difference when you’re translating something for your business!

Professional, human translation is highly vetted. This means that it undergoes extensive scrutiny and is checked multiple times for accuracy. These checks include looking for issues with cultural and colloquial terms and phrases, something that machines simply aren’t capable of understanding and including in their translations. If you want a finished product that reads like it was written by a professional, you need to have it translated by one!

Specialized Translation Can Only Be Human Translation

There are many instances that require industry-specific knowledge to yield accurate translation. These include but are not limited to medicine and law. Those are two important areas where you and your clients or corporate partners would not want an inaccurate translation to cause confusion or delays. Whether it’s getting the right medication or treatment or following a doctor’s orders – or understanding the trade and tax laws of another nation – there are innumerable reasons to speak to an experienced human translator with industry-specific knowledge in both languages you are working with.

It Might Be Much Cheaper Than You Think

When you work with a professional translation agency, you might be working with a company that has offices all over the world. What does that mean for your business? It means that the cost of your translation might be factoring in the overhead costs of that company’s business operations – which can add a lot to your total.


However, working with a freelance translator – either directly or through one of today’s increasingly-popular freelance platform websites – you get the same high-quality service at a cost that is potentially much lower. Without expensive overhead costs, your professional Italian translators can offer you great translations at a rate you might never have imagined to be so affordable!


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