BusinessBenefits and Uses of Bridge Cranes

Benefits and Uses of Bridge Cranes


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If you are into any form of industrial business that requires material handling and movement from one point to another, then you must be familiar with Bridge Cranes. Bridge cranes are types of equipment that mostly come into use in industrial environments. It is also known as an overhead crane and it consists of parallel runways and a traveling bridge that spans the gap in between. It makes shifting heavy objects from one place to another hassle-free and it does not create additional floor obstructions of any kind.

There is a lot of material handling and heavy load movement in industries which are quite risky to carry out manually. That’s why these cranes are highly used in warehouses or big industries. They have high lifting abilities and are operated by trained persons either manually or through wireless controls.

Uses of Bridge Cranes

Bridge Cranes

These cranes are used in industries to facilitate the movement and handling of heavy loads that otherwise is not possible with any other equipment or machinery. They find use in:

  • Warehouse – Here, bridge cranes are used to lift and move heavy objects to and from dock areas.
  • Transportation – They are used to load finished products into railcars.
  • Storage – Because they have the ability to lift very heavy loads, they are used to transport them to and from storage areas or warehouses.
  • It is the best suitable crane type for rigid runaways. It is durable and not unstable at all. With this crane, you will have more control over overload bearing and load shifting capacity from one place to another.

Benefits of Bridge Cranes

These cranes offer a wide array of industrial solutions that no other machinery can provide. Here are a few of those perks:

Bridge Cranes (2)

Better Safety

When you work with the forklift, there is always a risk involved of imbalanced goods stacking or goods dropping or crashing, and this poses a great risk to the life of people involved in goods movement. However, all such risks are not seen while using bridge cranes. As these cranes use the overhead space of the facility for carrying objects from one point to another, so there is no such risk involved and they have the capacity to carry heavy loads more quickly than forklifts.

Enhanced Control over Load

These cranes provide accurate object positioning without any hassle. While using these cranes operator is able to position and place the load where it is required with great precision.

Overlook ground obstructions

As mentioned above these cranes use overhead space of your facility and are positioned at the ceiling level of your facility, they basically avoid or overlook all the stuff that lies on the floor of your warehouse.

Can be customized

Bridge cranes don’t come with a fixed set of features, in fact, they are highly customizable. Since they are used for many industrial solutions, so they come with a lot of customizable features. You can add many below-the-hook accessories such as lifting beams, spreader beams, tongs, pallet lifters, and many more to modify them as per your requirement. All these accessories enhance their usability to great extent.

Bridge Cranes (3)

Smooth lifting of goods

These cranes are built to provide this advantage. Their sole purpose is to lift and carry heavy or bulky loads from one point to another. Each crane has some specified load lifting capacity which you should not exceed; otherwise, it can lead to accidents or serious damages. There is no aisle jamming and you can simply carry on with the loading and unloading of heavy items with complete coverage and inexpensive operating costs.

Looking at all the above-mentioned benefits and uses, it would be a wise thought to invest in a bridge crane if you have some kind of requirements as said above. Moreover, these cranes also remove the manual strain of the operator and reduce the risk of injury and worker fatigue as well.

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