BusinessAnalysts predict China stock bounce in 2023

Analysts predict China stock bounce in 2023


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China-based stocks listed on U.S exchanges have also increased recently, with changes in Beijing including reduced airport quarantine times for inbound visitors and reductions in mass testing. This boost is to continue through 2023 and onwards offering a positive outlook for investors.

How China’s Covid-19 Protests Could Ultimately Help Stocks

The protests spreading across China over the government’s Zero-Covid policy are affecting investors at the moment, but analysts say this could benefit stocks in China over the long run.

After the news of the Covid restriction easing due to the protests, Electric vehicle makers Nio (NIO) jumped 13% and Li Auto (LI) jumped 8%. Travel booking site (TCOM) bolted 8% higher. Alibaba Group (BABA) stock rose 8%.

Investors turn to Renewable Energy and Lithium for 2023

Even though there are poor global economic predictions for 2023, electric vehicle demand is set to steadily rise and so too is the need for lithium, rare earth minerals, copper and nickel.  China will be the dominant player in the supply of this material, with that country currently responsible for 65 per cent of primary supply and about 90 per cent of global processing capacity.

The renewable energy market is helping to improve the environment and create new industries at the same time. Investments in renewable energy stocks are seeing an increase and are poised to be in a high percentage of investors portfolios come 2023.

Core Asset Wealth Management Thoughts

“Many people have personal or ethical reasons to invest in the renewable sector, but the chance to help the planet isn’t the only potential benefit of including renewable energy in your portfolio. Investing in alternative energy can help diversify your holdings. When oil and other traditional energy resources are experiencing volatility, renewable investments may act as a stabilizing force.”

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