8 Tips on Choosing a Web Security Service for Businesses

8 Tips on Choosing a Web Security Service for Businesses

According to a study by the FBI and the department of justice, cyber-crime has been on the rise among American businesses, a trend that is costing them dearly.

With this trend on the rise, it is only prudent that businesses be vigilant with their website and take necessary measures to curb cyber-crime.

Having the best web security tool and digital security strategy for managing these rising threats is the best gift you could give your online business. But the main challenge arises when choosing the best web security service.

You are taken aback by the numerous praises each firm showers on themselves, not knowing who to trust and follow and who not to.


You do not need to follow companies blindly anymore. Here’s a collection of eight tips you could use when choosing a web security service for your business.


1. Start By Asking Questions

You will spend your money to hire the services of this web security firm, so you have the right to know what’s in store for you. Many firms out there will brag about offering the best services, but are they certified in those technologies they brag of?

Ask for proof of their certification and follow their testimonials to ensure you are getting the real deal.

While some web security service providers will have the right tools of the trade, they may not be able to tell the specific risks you are exposed to. You may need to ask if they understand your risk and the methods they will employ to solve them with such a possibility.

Also, seek information about how the firm will communicate with you on the progress of the project. Whether your cybersecurity firm is the best of the best, the whole system is bound to fail without a clear communication structure.

You need to know who will be updating you about any security threat and other important updates and how frequently will they be doing so.

2. Go for Your MSSP’s Other Customers

Asking questions may, at times, attract only the answers you needed and not the actual reality of things. For this reason, you might want to go after your Managed Security Service Provider’s (MSSP’s) customers to clarify the information you already have.

Compare their answers with those you got from the company, and if they tally, you will know you are safe to continue with the deal.

The former customers will often tell you everything that the company may not wish to tell you. Customers who left the particular MSSP must have reasons why they did, and you should strive to know what those reasons were.

3. Go Through the Cyber Security Service Contract

You must acquaint yourself with the contract’s rules that the cybersecurity company offered you before signing it.

If possible, you should present the contract to your company’s lawyer to go through it before you append your signature on it. The lawyer is at a better place to spot some likely problematic issues that the contract might have.

Some of the potential loopholes to look out for in the contract may include:

• Service cancellation fees
• The minimum contract lengths
• Excessive indemnity


With these early revelations, you may avoid putting yourself into a long-term contract with a company that is below standards.

4. Look at the Cost and Value for Money

While lower costs do not necessarily mean lower value, you may want to ask why the company offers its services at lower prices. Be that as it may, you should always analyze different price ranges and compare against the services they render to understand where value is.

You shouldn’t always base your decision purely on cost as cost should be proportional to the services you receive.

If you seek services on how to protect your apple computers from malware and cyber-attacks, you might expect more than the basics. The company should give you details of how to protect the computers, like how to create an apple id.

5. Check the Technological Advancement

New sophisticated malware is released every day. The solution you got yesterday from your MSSP may not be viable in solving today’s malware threat.

That is why you need to hire a company that has its technology frequently updated. Anytime a new malware is released, the company should be able to counter it and solve the problem as fast as possible to keep your business safe.

A company that is not well advanced technologically will leave your business exposed to new threats and attacks that it cannot handle.

6. Look at the Types of Active Clients

The type of cybersecurity agency you are looking for should have customers across various industries.

This is an important consideration as it will help you understand if the company has the expertise you are looking for in their portfolio.

Also, if the MSSP handles top-performing companies’ needs, you will gain deeper confidence with them.

7. Check the Portfolio of Capabilities

Every cybersecurity company will offer a portfolio of capabilities. Some will be more comprehensive than others but still within offer for you as the customer.

If you seek services for your entire organization, then the services the cybersecurity company offers should cover every aspect. But if what it offers only covers a section of your organization, then your entire organization remains at risk.

In its portfolio of capabilities, the MSSP you choose should have the collection of services that you need to cover your organization’s needs. Not just once but all the time with advancement now and again.

8. Look at the Skill Set

There are a lot of skills that cybersecurity professionals always display to you whenever you visit their firms. But what’s important is the skill set that is relevant to you and your daily operations.

Identifying the relevant skills you need is one crucial factor that will help you secure an excellent deal with the MSSP.

If you visit and the skills are not on display, you can ask to see them and even inquire if they offer specific services relevant to your company. Only when you are satisfied with the skillsetwill you move on to making the deal.

Don’t Settle for Mediocre, Go for the Best Web Security Services

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Needing web security services doesn’t mean you should desperately settle for any available company you can afford.  You should get a company that has invested in research and can help you with almost every problem you have.

Did you find these tips helpful? We’ve more informative tech tips and guides.

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