5 Reasons Why Businesses Need Mobile Application For Promotion

mobile application for promotion

Back in 2014, technologists began to talk about the fact that mobile marketing is a must-have for entrepreneurs. If you want to separate yourself from competitors, then get into the client’s phone. But whether a small business needs a mobile application today, we will discuss it in this article!

A mobile application is a special program for mobile devices – smartphones and tablets. It is installed on a mobile device and interacts with by clicking on the application icon. Hence It’s essential to hire a mobile application development agency who can design, develop and market your dream app.

Games, social networks, Youtube, Instagram, and instant messengers have long become favorite applications of users. Do small businesses like beauty salons, essay writing service, and cafes need mobile apps?

Mobile App For Business: Why You Need It

There can be many reasons why a business needs a mobile application. Let’s consider the most common:    


1. Formation Of Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is what allows companies to sell a lot today. Even schoolchildren know that working with existing clients is much cheaper and more profitable than attracting new ones. Therefore, when working with clients using a mobile application, you can create trusting relationships, always keep in touch and reach clients literally by pressing a couple of buttons. 

With the help of the application, you can create a loyalty program like “every 5th cup of coffee in our cafe is free”, “every 7th burger is a gift”, “every 4th haircut in a beauty salon is with a 50% discount”, etc. 

Such loyalty programs allow you to give bonuses to customers, more and more tying them to the business because by participating in the loyalty program, customers will return to the company again and again. 

2. Increase In Sales

The mobile application, thanks to the possibility of creating loyalty programs, increases the company’s income. Also, push-notification technology allows you to remind customers of your business, inform them about new products, and promotions.

When developing a mobile business application, you must initially understand that you are creating it for a reason. Your goal is sales, so you need to work with customers using the application so that customers want to interact with you. Only then will they buy what you sell.

For example, you will have to share useful content, tell some tricks, give some lessons, train clients, be useful to them, reveal their objections, answer questions, even if they have not voiced them yet.

mobile apps

3. Interaction With Customers By Sending Push Notifications

Push notifications are perhaps the most important feature of a mobile application. If a person downloads your application, installs it, logs into it a couple of times and that’s it, he may not use it, open it, or interact. But when a person receives a notification, he sees it in the phone’s news feed, then in 90% of cases, he will click on the push notification and get into the application. 

Sending push notifications can serve different purposes. To invite customers to lunch at a cafe, to wish you a Happy New Year, to remind you of a sale, or to quickly notify you about last-minute vouchers.

4. The Ability To Detach From Competitors

How can you differentiate yourself from competitors today? Do what others in your field do not think of. For example, make a mobile application of your assignment writing help and gain a place in the clients’ phone along with other applications as Google, Youtube, and Instagram.

By offering new technology to your customers, you show that you are in step with the times and you are ready to develop and move on.

5. How To Promote A Mobile Business App

Now you know why small businesses need a mobile app. And you understand that these tools help to increase sales and increase customer confidence in your company.

And then the question arises: how to promote the application and how to motivate customers to download and install it? After all, you do not in vain expect that someone will find your application in the AppStore and install it. You can use the following methods:

  •         Marketing promotions
  •         Reviews for the application
  •         Working with clients
  •         Advertising of a mobile application
  •         Placing the QR code of the application on business cards, catalogs, and other printed products of the company. 

Summing Up

Thus, knowing why a small business needs a mobile application and what actions need to be taken to promote the application at the initial stage, you can decide for yourself whether your company needs this tool or not.



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