AutosCar Break Down Issues That Need Instant Action

Car Break Down Issues That Need Instant Action


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Driving a car is not as easy as you might think until it breakdowns in the middle of the road, disturbing the traffic while you are blank about what to do to get it moving. A little know-how about the basic mechanical functions and parts can help you save your face and get going on your way; however, you might not be able to handle complex issues on your own.

The riders of the modern era prioritize safe and sound mobility over everything else, which is why more people prefer renting cars and that too from the dealers who offer roadside assistance. Still, you will need to make a judgment of the issue in order to make a call for help. Moreover, you might be risking your life with car breakdown issues, so learn about them to stay safe.

Give a detailed read to this article to learn about car breakdown issues that need instant action, and you should not dare ignore them for a safe driving experience.

Top 7 Car Breakdown Issues You Should Take Seriously

Vehicles are nothing less than the amalgamation of a bunch of machinery that can get worn out with time and break down on the road. Some breakdown issues can be little warnings, while others can be synonymous with dangers that need instant action. You can only act accordingly if you are well aware of the issue.

Car Breakdown Issues That Need Instant Action

Here are some of the major car breakdown issues you should take seriously and try to resolve immediately to limit your hassles on the way.

1. Overheating

Overheating is the basic yet most dangerous car breakdown issue you need to take seriously. Such an issue is more common during hot weather and can endanger the life of everyone in the car. Coolant systems of the old cars do not work efficiently, causing this issue. People now opt for options like long term car lease in Dubai and make sure to drive new and perfect cars every month that keep them at bay from such worries.

2. Alternator Faults

The second car breakdown issue that requires immediate action is the alternator faults. The alternator is what charges the battery of the engine. It can stop charging the battery in case it develops an issue, and the battery will not last long without constant charging. You can repair the alternator if it is in good condition; otherwise, you will have to get it replaced to ensure efficient working, which also means an extra expense.

3. Starter Motor Failure

Modern automobiles have start/stop technology, which puts the vehicle in motion or halt it with a click. It is possible due to the starter motor. If your car engine does not get into motion when there is no apparent issue with the battery, then it is safe to assume that your starter motion has failed. You need to take quick action to fix it; otherwise, you can miss important meetings and get embarrassed.

4. Broken Clutch Cables

Broken clutch cables are one of the most dangerous car breakdown issues that need immediate action. You cannot change the gear and control the pace of the car when the clutch cables are broken, which can put your life at risk. The broken clutch cable is an issue more common in manual cars. You can rent automatic cars to avoid the issue and danger altogether.

5. Problematic Spark Plug

Another common car breakdown issue that needs immediate action is the problematic spark plug. If the spark plug is too old, oily, and worn out, it can halt the engine and add to your hassle. The issue is more common in old cars that have served their lifetime. Instead of being stuck with such cars and facing spark plug issues every other day, you should lease cars on a long-term basis and enjoy your rides.

6. Diesel Particulate Filter

Another significant car breakdown issue that you need to take seriously is the diesel particulate filter. It is specifically applicable to diesel engines that have filters to trap dirt and soot particles and burn them to limit harmful exhaust. However, infrequent and short journeys can block the filters, which can impact the functioning of the car. You either need to invest in your car maintenance or opt for leased cars and leave maintenance on dealers.

7. Wheel Issues

The last car breakdown issue you need to take seriously is the issue of wheels. It can be a simple flat tire or complex issues like worn-out and outdated tires. The wheels are what keep a vehicle going. If they are not in their best shape, your life can be at risk. If you lack the know-how of tires and their maintenance, you can get a long term car lease in Dubai and get well-maintained cars without the worry and hassle of taking care of maintenance needs.

Can you handle the car breakdown issues on your own?

It might not be possible for you; however, you do not need to get embarrassed over it. You have all the rights to prioritize your comfort, for which you can contact the professional car dealers and lease the latest cars which have the best functioning.

Kieran Edwards
Kieran Edwards
Kieran Edwards is a content writer and researcher, a regular contributor to Sunshine Slate, Car Rental Blog, TIM Blog, Explore Insiders, and other blogs. He creates interesting and thought-provoking content in a variety of niches.


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